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Tips for smooth travelling during the peak hours

During the peak hours and busier times, the number of customers on all our flights and at the airports increases. Congestion is expected from time to time and service points, such as check-in or security control may have queues. Please arrive at the airport latest 2 hours before your flight or if you are travelling to the USA, latest 3 hours before your flight.

Below you’ll find some useful tips on how to make your travel smoother on our international and domestic flights.

  • You can read about our health and safety measures during coronavirus and prepare for your flight accordingly. 
  • If you are travelling with your family and especially with small children, check our family travel pages for more tips.
  • You get the smoothest start for your journey by making any reservation changes or purchasing tickets or travel extras, like upgrades or extra baggage, in advance through or our customer service. We no longer have a separate desk for these services at the airport, but our crew at other desks are at your service with these matters, if you wish.
  • We recommend you do the check-in in advance to avoid queues at the airport. Advance check-in starts 36 hours before the flight departure. The check-in kiosks at Helsinki Airport will close automatically 1 hour before your flight, otherwise the check-in closing times vary for different destinations. You can see the closing times here and do the heck-in here
  • If you have checked-in for your flight in advance and already have a boarding pass for your flight, you may go directly to the Self-service Bag Drop with a printed bag tag at Helsinki Airport or through the security control to the departure gate of your flight.
  • If your travel destination requires a document check for any coronavirus related certificates or forms, you need to collect your boarding pass from our staff at a service point in the check-in area.
  • You may use security control at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Security control 2 is open 24 hours a day and Security control 1 is open daily from 04:30 to 18:00. Both Security controls serve also Premium Lane customers. Read more about security control and check possible queueing times here.
  • The baggage allowance is marked on your ticket; 1 PC means that you are allowed to check in one bag max. 23 kg free of charge. The fee for carrying sports equipment (e.g., golf bag) depends on the baggage allowance of your ticket as well as how much other baggage you’re taking with you. Read more about travelling with sports equipment here. You can check your baggage allowance and purchase any additional baggage in advance for a lower price through Manage booking.
  • Please note that cash payments are not possible at Finnair airport service points. 
  • You can minimize the hassle of the departure day by bringing your baggage to the Helsinki Airport already the previous evening before your flight. Our Baggage drop is open daily between 18:00 and 21:30. In case you also bring baggage of your travel companions from the same reservation, you are required to present the travel documents of all travelers. If your final destination is in the United States, all travelers are required to bring their own baggage.  
  • Taxi traffic, passenger drop-off and pick-up at Helsinki Airport is temporarily at Terminal 1. All Finnair flights depart from Terminal 2, which is located approximately 300 meters from Terminal 1. You can see further information here
  • Read more about smoothening your trip at Helsinki Airport here.

Please note that due to the on-going coronavirus situation there may be changes in the airport services of other countries as well. Therefore, please allow some extra time when arriving at the airport as the check-in, bag drop and security control may have queues.

For further information, we are happy to help you via chat at or Finnair App. 

We wish you a smooth trip!

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