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Finnair operates the routes from Tampere and Turku to Helsinki Airport and back only with bus connections.

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Finland’s oldest city offers plenty to see and do

Turku is the proud bearer of the title “Finland’s oldest city” – and it has aged incredibly well. During the summer months, the Aura River waterfront is buzzing with life and activity, and the nearby archipelago – the largest in the world – has eager tourists returning year after year. Turku is also the country’s official Christmas City, so there’s always plenty to see and do when the festive season comes around.

You can now conveniently combine different modes of transport in the same booking. Choose a flight with a connecting bus service that runs straight from Helsinki Airport to Turku and back.

The schedules to Turku have been designed for fast and smooth connections from our international flights. The bus travel time is approximately two hours.

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Turku Airport (TKU)

The airport is located about 8km from Turku city centre.

Always remember to check your airline’s terminal and check-in times.

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