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Our cabin crew’s favorite destinations

Our cabin crew members share their favorite destinations from around the world. Get inspired and find tips for your next trip!

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London, The UK

“My favorite destination is London, where I used to live for almost three years and the atmosphere, history and architecture of the city is like no other. Head out West for a day out in Richmond Park where you can spot deers and have a picnic or venture out to Petersham Nurseries for tea and cake and some English gardening and interior inspiration and maybe a souvenir or two. If you're looking to relive your favorite Julia Roberts movie, Notting Hill is the place to go. You can find my favorite spa, Cowshed there - surrounded by beautiful London houses and have brunch at Granger and Co. I think you'll fall in love with London all over again.” - Maria


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“My favorite destination is the sympathetic and easygoing Amsterdam. The city is a true candy store for architectural enthusiastics - the long rows of delightfully crooked narrow buildings fascinate me every time and the most interesting things are always found by chance, like everywhere around the world, from the side alleys and in the tiniest details. From the postcard scenes everywhere around the city to the warm and friendly residents, Amsterdam is very approachable, genuinely diverse and rich in culture. And I must admit, I absolutely cannot say no to the stroopwafels...” - Hanna

Karoliina Åman

Ivalo, Finland

“The peaceful nature, northern lights, breathtaking landscapes and nightless nights make Ivalo the most wonderful destination in Finland for anyone looking for calm atmosphere and great experiences. Ivalo offers endless opportunities for hiking, bird watching and photography, and the peace and quiet one can only dream of. And not forgetting the reindeer you can see running here and there!” - Karoliina


Osaka, Japan

“Osaka has been my favourite destination in our Asian network ever since I started working for Finnair. This big city is a fascinating mix of beautiful ancient Japanese architecture, culture and new skyscrapers. If shopping is your thing, I highly recommend visiting Namba area in Osaka. This fantastic area is a heaven for a shopaholic who loves second-hand luxury products!

I cannot wait to visit this amazing city again!” - Joonas


Tokyo, Japan

“Before my job as a flight attendant I traveled around Japan for one month, and I absolutely fell in love with the country already then. Tokyo is extremely versatile and fascinating city and also my favorite city to get lost; traveling around is really easy, people are super helpful and kind and it doesn't matter from which station you jump out from the train, there is always something new and interesting to see! The friendly locals are always happy to guide you back to your hotel so just enjoy the unique city vibes and check out what you can find around the corner.  And what comes to food..  I would need to write another story to praise all of that!” - Roosa-Maria


New York, the USA 

“The amazing city silhouette of skyscrapers, wild collection of treats which you didn’t even know existed, the most creative and bubbly small cafe’s, old buildings with an interesting history that comes alive with them, fluffy little city dogs and people taking them out, dressed in their finest smart casuals. Not to mention all the shopping... New York is hard to put into words, you need to get lost in it, and come home completely changed!” - Petra

Kaisa Ruusunen

Bangkok, Thailand

“Lovely sunshine and heat, contrasts and action in every turn, delicious local cuisine, magnificent attractions and great shopping opportunities. Bangkok has it all and more. It was love at first sight.” - Kaisa


Rome, Italy

"Rome is a beautiful city, full of history and impressive architecture. The different areas of the city makes it diverse and interesting. The charming narrow streets are full of small restaurants and cafes with a warm and cozy atmosphere. There is a lot to see in Rome, so you should definitely bring good walking shoes with you. Italian cuisine is world famous, so Rome is a heaven for every food lover." - Anette

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