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Make your summer last longer in these top destinations!

Are you still hoping to travel to some of the most popular spots in Europe this summer? You can still do this by making the most of late summer and maybe stretching your holidays a bit.

The most popular destinations in Europe can be quite fully booked for the busiest holiday weeks. However, if you save a week or two of your holidays and travel a bit later, you can still experience them this summer. August, September, and even October are still great times to travel to Southern Europe. Here are some of the destinations we recommend you try out for your late summer trip. There are still seats to book, and the weather is going to be at its best!

Greek Islands

In Greece the most popular destinations include the island getaways of Chania in Crete, Rhodes, and Santorini. All the islands still have daily average highs of up to 29 degrees in September, so you won't miss out on sunny beach days by booking later. Even in October the weather is still warm and lovely. 

If you decide to book from late September onwards you can also see the tourist crowds thinning out – making it easier to see some of the more popular sights. This applies especially to Santorini, where the high season can get extremely busy and moving around town require a lot of patience. 

If you are in Greece for the 8th of September, you also get to experience the Genisis tis Panagias, celebration of the birthday of the Virgin Mary. The day is significant for the Church, but there are also festive dinners and dancing so you might want to join in. 


The major Italian tourist hotspots of Rome, Milan, Bologna, Naples, and Venice get very busy during the summer high season. If you however wait a while, the situation calms down. Especially in Rome, Milan, and Venice it is recommended to wait, since the accommodation prices vary greatly according to season. 

The Italian weather stays lovely and mild long into the autumn and especially for a city trip, the slightly lower temperatures are a bonus. In Rome for example the daily average highs are still 27 degrees in September and around 22 in October. In the south, in Naples, the summer is longer still. 

August to October is also an interesting season for cultural events – these are usually on hold during the hottest time of the year. In early September you can enjoy the glamour of Venice Film Festival for example. In Rome the Estate Romana hosts more than a thousand cultural events over four months, all the way to the 2nd of November. 


For Madeira August and September are without a doubt the best months to visit. The temperature hovers around the very agreeable 25-degree mark and even the sea water is around 24 for perfect swimming conditions. This is also the time of the year when it rains the least. 

The weather conditions around this time of the year also make it easier to see some of the key sights on the island. Pico de Ariero, the third highest peak on the island offers spectacular sunset views – but only when it's not foggy, which happens more often outside the rainiest season. Another spot where visibility makes a difference is the hike on Vereda dos Balcões, where on a clear day you can see all the way to the sea. 

August and September are also high season for Madeira's event scene. There are many major religious festivals and cultural events to attend. For anyone interested in wine, there are several harvest celebrations where you can taste the local products. 


Spain's Costa del Sol is a firm holiday favourite all year round, and late summer to autumn is one of the best times to travel. In Malaga and Alicante, the crowds can get very thick in the height of the holiday season, but towards the end of the the same lively atmosphere remains but the queues are decidedly shorter – and you can find a beach chair more easily. The weather is also perfect, in September the daily temperatures are around 25 degrees. 

For the bigger cities Barcelona and Madrid, you definitely want to wait until July has passed before taking your city trip. The middle of the summer can be extremely stifling with temperatures rising frequently to around 30 degrees and over. Especially in Madrid, without any cooling sea breeze, urban adventures can be a struggle. 

September also kick-starts the event season. In Barcelona you can for example enjoy the street festival Major del Poblenou or the music festival Barcelona Accio Musical or BAM. In Madrid you might want to book your trip so that you can see the stylish people attending fashion week. 

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