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5 great reasons to visit magical Slovenia

If you haven't yet explored Slovenia’s charming capital Ljubljana and stunning countryside, now is the time to book your flight! The country offers a perfect holiday combination with city living in Ljubljana and natural wonders and activities nearby. Here are our top 5 reasons to book your flights to Ljubljana for the summer.

1. Unforgettable scenery

Slovenia is known for its natural beauty and choosing the most stunning spot is probably impossible. One of the most iconic sights is Lake Bled, a clear blue lake surrounded by the Julian Alps. There is a picturesque tiny islet in the middle of it with a church. You should visit the church and ring its bell to make a wish. 

You can also enjoy alpine views in Triglav National Park. It has the highest peaks of the Julian Alps, as well as many lovely rivers and lakes. Zelenci natural reserve is picture perfect too. Wooden boardwalks crisscross around wetlands of crystal-clear springs and lush forests.

Slovenia even has some waterfalls. Some of the most astounding include Kozjak waterfall, partly hidden in a natural cave, the country’s highest waterfall Peričnik, and the majestic pair of Martuljek waterfalls. 

2. Outdoorsy activities

If you love hiking, you are in luck. Slovenia has some of the best hiking trails in Europe. Incredible views can be enjoyed on the hiking trails of Alpe Adria, Via Alpina, or Tolminska Gorita, for example. 

You should also add the UNESCO heritage site of Škocjan Caves to your list of activities. The spectacular limestone caves form over six kilometres of underground passages with a depth of over 200 metres. The overall look is astounding, straight out of a fantasy novel or film. 

Slovenia is even perfect for all extreme sport fans. The mountains give options for climbing and caving, and the many lakes and rivers for canoeing and rafting. The country even has a many parks and centres for extreme sports, offering everything from ziplining to paragliding. 

3. Ljubljana's historic buildings

Ljubljana is an ancient city with sights spanning over centuries of history. One of the main attractions is the 900-year-old Ljubljana Castle. Perched high up on a hill, it has fantastic views over the city, as well a museum and several restaurants.

If you want to see a mixture of historic building styles from Baroque to Art Nouveu, the Prešernov trg square is your best bet. Some of the architectural highlights include the Mayer Palace and the building currently housing the Centralna Lekarna pharmacy. 

Right next to the square is another important architectural sight, the famous triple bridge, designed by architect Jože Plečnik. It connects the medieval and the modern parts of the city on the opposite sides of Ljubljanica River. 

4. Culinary Ljublana

Slovenian food is simple and focuses on quality basics, such as root vegetables, beans, and meat. Ljubljana has some excellent restaurants where you can sample local dishes. Julija, near Ljubljana castle, serves specialties such as beef fillet with traditional štruklji’ dumplings. Another option is Druga Violina, serving classic comfort food but also lighter soups and salads.  

If you would like to do some of your own cooking, head out to the city's vibrant Central Market, where you will be able to buy some of the most impressive fresh fruit and vegetables you have ever encountered. There is also an indoor market that offers baked goods, cheeses, olive oil and other foodie treats.

If you need a quick bite to eat, or travel with children, Ljubljana's new and huge shopping centres are a great option. One of the largest shopping centres in Europe BTC City has over 70 restaurant and café options, and an open market to buy fresh produce from. 

5. Idyllic small towns 

If you are travelling around Slovenia, you are sure to come across some of the prettiest towns you have ever seen. Piran, on the Slovenian Riviera is thought to be the cutest of them all. It has a picturesque old town, a little marina, and a lovely 19th century lighthouse.

Another charming town is Škofja Loka, surrounded by green hills and sitting at the meeting point of two rivers. The colourful medieval buildings, ancient bridges, and hilltop views make the town worth a visit. 

If you are a history fan, visit Ptuj. It is the oldest recorded city in Slovenia with history stretching all the way back to the Stone Age. The town offers a lot of interesting sights including one of the most important castles in Slovenia, a Dominican monastery, and a Roman monument. 

Finnair flies to Ljubljana during the summer season starting on 1 April 2024.

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