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Stay connected in the skies with onboard Wi-Fi

Chat with family and friends, use your favourite apps or work remotely with onboard Wi-Fi. We offer a variety of internet packages for our long-haul and short-haul flights.

You can purchase the internet package when making the booking, via the Manage booking page, during online check-in or via the Nordic Sky portal.

Long-haul internet packages

We fly long-haul to and from North America, Asia and the Middle East. You may also find these services on selected short-haul routes within Europe if the flights are operated with our A350 or A330 aircraft.

Internet packagePrice
1 hour€7.95 or 1,300 points
3 hours€14.95 or 2,700 points
Entire flight€24.95 or 4,700 points

Short-haul internet packages

Our short-haul flights within Europe operated with our A320, A321, and A319 aircraft.

Internet packagePrice for flights under 2 hours  Price for flights over 2 hours  
Browse package is for browsing the web. Audio and video streaming and VPN are not supported. 
€5.95 or 900 points €9.95 or 1,700 points
Stream package gives you full internet access including audio and video streaming as well as VPN. Speed up to 15Mbps. 
€12.95 or 2,300 points€24.95 or 4,700 points

Connectivity from departure to arrival

Typically, onboard Wi-Fi is available 15 minutes after take-off on long-haul flights. On most short-haul flights, it is available from departure to arrival.

How to connect to onboard Wi-Fi

  1. Set your device to flight mode.
  2. Turn Wi-Fi on from your smartphone, tablet or laptop settings.
  3. Join NORDIC SKY Wi-Fi network.
  4. Go to  
  5. Select and purchase the internet package.

Please note that the internet package is device-specific and can only be used on the device where it has been activated. 

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