Pre-order meals

Make the most of your time in the air with our appetizing pre-order meals.

Our renewed selection for Economy Class flights now includes savoury sandwiches and salads as well as a dedicated Kids’ meal for flights within Europe.

On most flights to and from Central and Southern Europe, you have the option to book a Seat and Meal package, including a hot meal, a seat near the front of the cabin and priority boarding in Group 2.

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Enjoy a tasty meal on Finnair flights
Economy class

Pre-order meals for Economy Class flights

When flying in Finnair Economy Class, you have the option to select and pre-order a meal to enjoy on board.

If your flight is operated and marketed by Finnair, you can pre-order your meal at the same time when making your booking or later in the Manage booking section.

Seat and meal package for economy class flights

flights to and from central and southern europe

Enjoy a delicious three-course meal, a seat in the front part of the Economy Class cabin, and priority boarding in Group 2 and exit among the first customers.

Select a hot entrée of fish, meat or vegetarian with a glass of wine or drink of your choice.

The Seat and Meal package is currently available on most Finnair flights within Central and Southern Europe.

You can check the Seat and Meal prices and availability for your flights when booking your flights, or later via Manage booking. The number of Seat and Meal packages is limited per flight.

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Pre-select meals for Business Class flights

Flights to and from Asia and North America

When flying in Finnair Business Class on our intercontinental routes, you can choose your main course in advance.

The three main courses on our long-haul flights change regularly. Our chefs couple the crisp, fresh tastes of Finnish nature with Mediterranean culinary traditions. Our main courses include succulent options for meat lovers, fish cooked to perfection and tasty vegetarian dinners.

Our menus are designed based on the flight time and destination, and there are always both Nordic and destination-oriented options available to suit your palate. You can also choose an Express meal, if you prefer maximizing the time of rest during your flight.

Business Class meal orders must be placed at the latest 24 hours before departure.

See the current Business Class menus