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Stay connected in the skies with onboard Wi-Fi

Chat with family and friends, use your favourite apps or work remotely with onboard Wi-Fi. We offer a variety of internet packages for our long-haul and short-haul flights.

You can purchase the internet package when making the booking, via the Manage booking page, during online check-in or via the Nordic Sky portal.

Long-haul internet packages

We fly long-haul to and from North America, Asia and the Middle East. 

You will also find these services on selected short-haul routes within Europe when the flights are operated with our A350 or A330 aircraft.

Internet packageLengthPricePrice for members (benefit introduced 1 February 2024)
With the Browse package you can browse the web. Audio and video streaming and VPN are not supported.
1 hour€7.95€6.95 or 700 Avios
3 hours€14.95€12.95 or 1,500 Avios
Entire flight€24.95€19.95 or 2,400 Avios

Short-haul internet packages

Our short-haul flights within Europe operated with our A320, A321 and A319 aircraft.

If your flight is operated with our A350 or A330 aircraft, the available internet services are the same as for long-haul flights. In that case, please check the prices from the above table. 

Short-haul internet package selection and prices from 1 February 2024

Internet packageLengthPricePrice for members
Message package supports sending text-based messages in WhatsApp, Viber, Kakao Talk, WeChat and iMessage.
Full flightComplimentary for Finnair Plus members
Stream package gives you full internet access including audio and video streaming as well as VPN. Speed up to 15Mbps.
1 hour€6.95€5.95
Full flight€11.95€9.95

Connectivity from departure to arrival

Typically, onboard Wi-Fi is available 15 minutes after take-off on long-haul flights. On most short-haul flights, it is available from departure to arrival.

How to connect to onboard Wi-Fi

  1. Set your device to flight mode.
  2. Turn Wi-Fi on from your smartphone, tablet or laptop settings.
  3. Join NORDIC SKY Wi-Fi network.
  4. Go to  
  5. Select and purchase the internet package.

Please note that the internet package is device-specific and can only be used on the device where it has been activated. 

Once activated, the internet connection cannot be paused. For example, if you have a 1-hour package, it will be available for 1 hour from the activation, regardless of whether you use it or not.

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