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Entertainment that makes the time fly on board

Time flies with Finnair's in-flight entertainment and internet. The world of entertainment unfolds not only on the seatback screen but also on your personal device.

  • Our newly redesigned in-flight entertainment system keeps you entertained with movies, TV series, music and games. The easy-to-use screen also acts as a personal control panel where you can, among other things, find arrival and transfer guidance.
  • The Nordic Sky portal brings entertainment to your smartphone or tablet. Connect to the portal to buy or redeem internet access, browse digital newspapers and much more.

Completely redesigned in-flight entertainment system

We're thrilled to unveil the new in-flight entertainment system to our customers in spring 2022. It will gradually become available along with the fully renewed cabin on our Asia and America and some European and Middle Eastern flights. The wide movie, TV series, music and game selection is yours to enjoy now with an even better user experience.

While quality entertainment is a must, we want the system to also support your journey as a whole. From take-off to landing, you get an overview of flight progress, including guidance for connecting flights. The screens adapt to the different steps of the journey. This way, the cabin ambience is fitting throughout the flight – be it for mealtimes, resting, or working.

Top movies and series

Fill your hours in the sky with more than 100 movies and over 100 TV episodes. Different languages available for audio or subtitles.

Gripping games

From classic card games and puzzles to newer kids' favourites, everyone can find something to pass the time.

Music genres for different moods

Why not get on the local wavelength and listen to the music of your destination? Or simply lay back and relax to calming pieces.

We apologise that it is currently not possible to browse the content library online. We are working on it and hoping to bring this possibility back soon.

How to use the internet on board

Chat with family and friends, use your favourite apps or work remotely with in-flight internet. You can purchase access when making the booking, via the Manage booking page, during online check-in or via the Nordic Sky portal on board. Please note that once you have purchased or claimed internet access on a particular device, you cannot use it on any other.

  • On long-haul flights, you can buy internet access for the entire flight, three hours or an hour. Suited for surfing, emails and social media (excl. calls on instant messaging apps).
  • On Airbus flights within Europe, you can buy a Browse (suited for surfing, social media (excl. calls on messaging apps) or Stream package (also suites for streaming services and using a VPN).

Internet access is included in the Business Class, Finnair Plus Gold, Platinum and Platinum Lumo members' tickets. The connection type and duration differ between ticket types and tiers.

Nordic Sky portal: free content on your device

Nordic Sky portal is a gateway to the onboard internet, digital newspapers, audiobooks, destination information, and much more. You can browse the portal on your own device for free and without an internet connection on all long-haul flights and Airbus flights in Europe and the Middle East.

Accessing the portal is simple. First, enable Wi-Fi on your device in flight mode. Then select the Nordic Sky network, and finally, open on your browser or scan the QR code visible on the back of the seats.

The many possibilites of the portal are listed below.

Purchase or redeem internet access

Visit the portal to buy or redeem internet access during the flight. You can use payment cards, Alipay, and your Finnair Plus points.

Keep track of your flight

Check the flight map and duration, local weather, time at the destination, and other trip details in the Nordic Sky portal.

Explore your destination already on board

Wish you had more time to research before taking off to a new destination? We got you covered with short and sweet destination guides in the Nordic Sky portal.

Catch up on the latest news

Our digital magazine and newspaper stand offers reading from global news and business to lifestyle and travel. Besides English, the publications are in Finnish, Chinese, German, Japanese etc.

Tune into audiobooks

Make the time pass with ease by listening to top picks from Storytel. The selection is regularly refreshed and has audiobooks in English, Finnish and Swedish.

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