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You can now log in and make bookings with corporate fares. Download the quick guide and log in to book.

A smart business travel solution

Designed for companies of all sizes, the Finnair Corporate Programme will allow you to book your travel directly from our website or from your own travel agents and save on travel expenses. Finnair is always the smart choice for a business traveler with reliable on-time performance, smooth service on board and great connections for the Finns, for those who travel to Finland and for those who travel via Helsinki between Europe and Asia and North America

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By joining the Finnair Corporate Program, your company will get instant discounts on all Finnair long-haul flights from the fully flexible Flex fare. The discount is given for all booking classes in all our three travel classes: Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class.

As a Finnair Corporate Program customer, you also ensure that you always get the best fare of the day on both our European and domestic flights from Flex, Classic and Light ticket types in the booking channel of your choice.


As a Finnair Corporate Programme member, you are entitled to a 10% discount on Flex ticket prices on long-haul routes in all travel classes. 

On flights to Japan and North America there are few exceptions in the applicable booking classes: 

  • for flights to Japan, the discount is 10% in booking classes C, D and R, 8 % in booking classes W, Y and B and 5% in booking classes J, E, H, K and M.
  • for North American flights, the discount is 7% in J, C, D, R, W, Y, B, H and 5% in E, K and M. 

The discount is given from the Flex ticket type in all booking classes. On return trips, travel must start and end in the same country. The discount is also available for flights departing from Austria and Hungary. 

For information on the program and membership, please see the terms and conditions.

Here you can check the routes where Premium Economy is available.

In addition to the discounted Flex ticket type on long-haul flights, our corporate customers can of course also use our two other ticket types: Classic and Light. However, these ticket types are not discounted. 

Both the discounted Flex ticket type and the Classic and Light ticket types with “the best price of the day” are called “corporate fare”. You can book your trip on our website after logging in or if you have given us your travel agency’s details, you can book all these fares at your own travel agent. Download a quick guide on how to make a booking with a corporate fare on our website. 

Please note that on routes to or from Japan, the corporate fare is only available when the long-haul flight between Europe and Japan is a flight via Helsinki operated by Finnair with a Finnair flight number. 

On route to or from Shanghai, the corporate fare is available on flights with a Finnair flight number operated by both Finnair and Juneyao Airlines.

How to join Finnair Corporate Program in three easy steps

Here's how to join Finnair Corporate Program — it's easy and free of charge. 

Step one

Click the "Join now" button below to fill out the form with your company information.

Step two

Fill out the form carefully. Please note that you need to have a valid Business ID (VAT number or tax ID number) to join.

Step three

Wait to receive your credentials via email. You can then log in and start using the portal to get corporate benefits. 

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Start your Finnair Corporate Programme membership now to benefit from instant discounts, flexible tickets, and many other travel benefits.

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Got questions?

Check out the frequently asked questions about Finnair Corporate Programme – you’ll find answers to most questions there. 

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