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Finnair 100 menu: familiar flavours with a modern twist

We turn 100 this November. We have been celebrating our centenary in multiple different ways throughout this special year, and now we’ll bring our long history visible also in our onboard menus and food offering.

To acknowledge our big year, we are serving a special Finnair 100 menu on our long-haul Business Class flights departing from Helsinki as of 27 September. As a pre-order-only option, we offer a Finnair 100 main course that you can order in advance from Manage booking. The centenary menu is available until 23 January 2024. While the Finnair 100 menu mainly focuses on our long-haul Business Class, you can also enjoy other Finnair 100 inspired dishes that combine traditions with today’s recipes in our other travel classes on flights departing from Helsinki.

Finnair 100 menu on our long-haul flights

The updated recipes represent different time periods and decades in Finnair’s culinary history. The Business Class menu starters are from the 1980s and 1990s and the main courses from the 1960s and 1970s. Our centenary menu desserts, such as blueberry pie and sea buckthorn mousse, are true classics and showcase the Finnish food culture, with fresh berries as a common ingredient. Familiar flavours are elevated to celebrate our rich heritage, creating a dining experience that honours our 100 years.

Business Class service


You get to enjoy two cold appetisers:

  • Roasted beetroot with beetroot purée, beetroot mousse and goat cheese cream.
  • Wasabi salmon roll with apricot miso and seaweed caviar (this option is only available on our flights to Asia and the Middle East).
  • Finnish fish pasty: Smoked vendace with mustard mayonnaise, vendace and pork paté and seaweed caviar (this option is only available on our flights to the United States).

Beetroot has been used in many of our appetisers, and in the Finnair 100 menu, we serve it roasted with goat cheese. Salmon rolls we served already back in 1987 on our Helsinki-Tokyo flights. The original salmon rolls were served with honey mustard sauce, while the current version has been updated to the present day, with influences from Japan. Finnish fish pasty is a classic from the Finnish kitchen, also served previously on our flights.

Main course

Onboard our flights, you’ll get to choose one main course from the three options below. As an extra choice and pre-order-only option, we offer a Finnair 100 main course that you can pre-order from Manage booking.

  • Beef chuck roll with potato gratin, chorizo ragù and blackcurrant sauce.
  • Broiled rainbow trout, mashed potatoes with spinach, tomatoes and creamy mussel sauce.
  • Destination specific third main course option.
  • Finnair 100 meal: Reindeer meatballs, mashed potatoes with mustard, and port wine sauce – available only in advance via Manage booking.

Please remember that for the Business Class long-haul flights departing from Helsinki, you can pre-select your main course in Manage booking and ensure your preferred option on board. The reindeer meatballs served with mustard mashed potatoes and port wine sauce is a Nordic classic and an excellent option for our frequent travellers who want to try something new.


We offer you a selection of cheese as well as some sweet options: 

  • Selection of cheese.
  • Blueberry pie with cinnamon and mascarpone mousse.
  • Sea buckthorn mousse.

The cheese selection has been a part of our menus since the beginning, and cheese is a very popular delicacy between the meal and a sweet dessert. Today, we prefer and serve cheeses from smaller Finnish producers.

Second service

Before landing, we will serve you another meal, which is a lighter meal or breakfast, depending on the flight. For breakfast, we serve scrambled eggs with bacon, roasted potatoes, red onion, spinach, cold cuts, yoghurt and fresh fruits. The light meal includes vegetable and cheese quiche, chicken mousse with a green salad and fresh fruits. Additionally, there's a range of snacks available throughout the flight.

Premium Economy Class service

In Premium Economy, we serve you the first meal from chinaware, and you’ll get to choose from two main course options. The second service is the same as in Economy Class.


For the appetiser, we serve roasted beetroot with goat cheese mousse, pickled carrot and crispy quinoa.

Main course

You can choose from two main course options: 

  • Beef Goulash with creamy root vegetable purée, beetroot and pickled pearl onions.
  • Chicken breast fillet with white wine sauce, spelt risotto and vegetables.


For the dessert, you’ll get to enjoy the Finnish classic: Fazer milk chocolate bar.

Second service

Before landing, we will serve you another meal, which is breakfast, a lighter meal or a snack depending on the flight.

Economy Class service

First service

We serve you a 3-course meal: Quinoa and vegetable salad with roasted oat, meatballs with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce, and a chocolate bar.

Quinoa and vegetable salad with roasted oat is a food innovation and we are excited to serve you this delicious vegetarian appetiser full of flavour. In line with the Finnair 100 theme, as a main course, we offer a Nordic classic and our customers’ favourite, meatballs with mashed potatoes.

Second service

Before landing, we will serve you another meal, which is breakfast, a lighter meal or a snack depending on the flight. On our shortest New York and Dubai routes, there is no second service, but you can purchase drinks and snacks from the onboard menu. 

Finnair 100 menu on our European flights

Business Class service

Our short-haul flights have three types of meal services. On the short Stockholm Arlanda flights, we serve you a sandwich. On the longer flights, we serve you a 3-course meal, while on the longest European flights, you’ll also get an aperitif service. We rotate three different menus every two weeks, and the main course is always different on the inbound and outbound flights.

The Finnair 100 starters are Nordic classics from Finnair’s culinary history with modernised recipes. The main course selection is based on popularity and delicacy. We wanted to bring much-loved classics back to our customers for the Finnair 100 menu.

Economy Class service

On most of our flights, we serve you complimentary blueberry juice and water. On top of that, you can pre-order a sandwich combo meal or warm meal to your fight, depending on its duration.

For flights to Northern Finland and to most European flights when the flight time is 2–4 hours, you can pre-order combo meals, pizza Margherita and chicken bowl in advance via Manage booking or the Finnair app. The combos include new sandwiches, which are available as of today for flights from 5 October 2023. For the flights over 4 hours, we offer warm meal options.

Our combo meals include coffee, berry smoothie and a chocolate bar. We have also added in the selection a new product for children (Kids' combo), which will include a sandwich, juice, small Fazer Moomin candy box, an activity book and crayons. 

We have added olives and Sprite to our Buy Onboard -menu. You can find the menu on board in your seat pocket or in the Finnair app.

Read more about our meal service on the onboard meals and beverages pages.

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