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Kittilä – Get enchanted in the middle of Lapland's most wonderful landscapes

In Kittilä, you'll find arctic nature, outstanding fells and the freshest air in the world. Head to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park to experience the magic of Lapland wilderness or spend your holiday with different kinds of activities at the Levi Ski Resort.

In Kittilä, you will spend unforgettable moments whether you wish to get away from the city bustle and relax in the wilderness or have an active holiday in the vicinity of the most beautiful nature spots.

Levi – exclusive experiences within the holiday resort 

Less than 15 kilometres north of Kittilä Airport, you will find the Levi Ski Resort, one of the most popular tourist centres in Finland. The alpine-a-like holiday village of Levi attracts not only domestic travellers but also plenty of international guests. The services are top-notch and there is enough to do for every taste all year round.

In winter, Levi pampers skiers of all levels on its 43 slopes. Head to the sunny South Slopes to enjoy the longest descents in the fell or experience the rush of speed on the Levi Black slope, where the alpine skiing World Cup races are held every year. The junior skiers of the family can practice on easy slopes at Kids’ Land and Leevilandia.

Visit the famous Santa’s cabin from the movie Christmas Story, and discover the cabin's lovely frost in the charming scenery, and snap your own shot in this most instagrammed destination in Lapland!

In summer, the slopes turn into a downhill biker's paradise. Take the gondola lift up and experience the joy of speed as you descend along trails of different degrees of difficulty. Enjoy the captivating views on the gentle Village Trail, or master the fast-paced Santa's Cabin track, taking measure of the curves and jumps. Mountain bikers can enjoy the biking routes in the Levi area all year round, the longest of which go all the way to Yllästunturi. In Autumn, experience the magical colours of the foliage in the middle of a forest.

You can experience the wonderful scenery of the fell also by hiking. There are many incredible hiking trails at the top of Levi, from the 18-kilometre-long Life of The Past Trail to the less than one-kilometre-long Peak Trail. In addition to Levi fell, Kätkätunturi on the west side of Levi offers delightful views of the artic nature. In winter, you can grab your snowshoes and head to Rykimäpolku Trail’s charming snowscapes.

And there are even more outdoor activities to try. You can go snowmobiling along the nearly 900-kilometre snowmobile trail, visit one of the several reindeer farms to learn about reindeer husbandry, cuddle with huskies or try a dog sledding safari. Go on a summer Canoeing Safari on Lake Sirkka or Lake Levi or try kayaking on Ounasjoki. With guided horse-riding hikes, you can explore the fell landscapes on the back of a Finnish horse, and in the Adventure Park, you can challenge yourself on up to 63 tasks.

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park – arctic nature all around you

Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is located about 40 minutes' drive from Levi holiday village. In this national park you will encounter the iconic elements of Lapland's nature: fells, ponds and hiking trails. The wilderness of the national park enchants all year round; the summer midnight sun, autumn's magical colours and a dance of northern lights add their own spice.

In Pallas-Yllästunturi national park, you can find the famous silhouette of Pallastunturi, which is known as one of Finland's national landscapes. Along with the breathtaking views, you can enjoy the world's cleanest air in the middle of the silence, where the lights of the city do not reach to disturb you from admiring the aurora borealis and the starry sky. You can best experience all of this from the highest peak of the Pallastunturi chain, Taivaskero, which soars at an altitude of over 800 metres.

Experience an unforgettable nature adventure on the park's most popular route, the 55-kilometre long Hetta-Pallas, which leads the traveler through towering fell peaks and beautiful gorges. Good news for those who enjoy the thrill of speed: hundreds of kilometres of routes have been renovated for mountain biking, including a winter network of up to 100 kilometres. The winter trails are also excellent for snowshoeing, and cross-country skiers are in for a treat as well, as the park's trail network serves skiers with more than 500 kilometres of trails.

Refresh yourself in the picturesque Hietajärvi mountain lake, easily accessible by walking through a charming pine forest from the Ketomella parking lot. The summer hiking route from Hietajärvi beach continues all the way to the open wilderness huts of Pahakuru and Tappuri. Or admire the mirror image of Pallastunturi fells in Lake Pallasjärvi on the shore of Punainenhiekka.

The services of the national park are excellent. In addition to huts and day cabins, there are up to 23 open wilderness huts suitable for overnight stays. A tip for the adventurers of Hetta-Pallas: halfway along the route in Hannukuru, you can enjoy a unique sauna experience in the middle of the wilderness. And in the summer, you can cool off in the nearby fell lake!

Unique experiences in the heart of nature

In Jerisjärvi, in the armpit of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, about 40 minutes by car from the Levi center, you will find a true nest of relaxation, Arctic Sauna World. Each of the four saunas offer their own kind of baths, which have been inspired by the four elements. The relaxing experience is crowned by a majestic fell landscape and a dip into the glistering Lake Jerisjärvi.

Breathe in the purest fell air in HaliPuu Forest Cocooning, where you can escape from the everyday hustle by snuggling in a cosy hammock in the embrace of the forest. Or try Arctic ice floating, where you can let your mind and body rest in silence while the calm waters rock you in the picturesque lake scenery.

In the winter, take part in building your own snow igloo and learn how to build a shelter in case of a snowstorm. Experience Lainio Lapland Hotels SnowVillage, a snow hotel built from snow and ice, with a different theme every year. You can stay in one of the hotel's artistically decorated suites or just visit the hotel's exhibition for an entrance fee. In Arcandia, an arctic adventure park designed for more mature tastes, you can marvel at the fantasy world atmosphere created by light and smoke effects.

The Elves Experience Village, located near Levi, is popular with the kids. Discover the most secret hideout in the elf world, Elves Hideaway, the Gingerbread House, Elves' School, Wise Elf’s House, the mystical Seita Stone and the lovely barns. Stay for the night in the village’s charming rustic boutique hotel Taivaanvalkeat in the scenery of Ounasjoki riverside.

Have a magical sleep in the Levin Iglut under the arctic sky in the embrace of a glass shell. Walls and windows made of glass open up a wonderful landscape in the middle of Arctic nature. At Design Hotel Levi, art, design and the fell landscape are woven together into a magical whole. The hotel's services also include an atmospheric spa. At Hotel Levi Panorama, you stay at the best vantage point in Levi fell, as the hotel is located on the slope of the fell.

Get to know the art of Reidar Särestöniemi, one of Lapland's most famous painters, in the Särestöniemi Museum located in the village of Kaukonen, only 30 kilometres from Kittilä. The museum area includes three historically interesting buildings: the artist's childhood home, a studio and a separate art gallery. The museum's exhibitions include a wide range of the artist's works, from oil paintings to paintings from his studies, graphics, drawings and sketches.

Finnair flies to Kittilä all year round.

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