Tips for packing

  • Baggage allowances vary by ticket type, so check your free baggage allowance from your ticket. Read more. In addition, if you are travelling with another airline, check their baggage allowances as well, as they might be different.
  • If you wish to take additional baggage, save money and time by paying for it in advance in Manage booking. You can pay for excess baggage in advance when all legs of the journey are operated and marketed by Finnair.
  • Most sports equipment can replace your bags as part of your baggage allowance. If you exceed the baggage allowance, excess-baggage fee applies. There are also some restrictions and special packing instructions, please find out more.
  • Finnair recommends that you protect your stroller, wheelchair, bike, ski and golf equipment when you travel. Airshells offers the rental of protective packaging at some European airports. As a Finnair customer you are entitled to a discount.
  • Make sure you are not carrying any articles and goods that you are not allowed to carry for safety reasons. See Dangerous goods.
  • Write your name and contact information on the baggage labels. Include a label inside every bag.
  • Carry medication, money and important documents in your carry-on baggage.
  • Remember the restrictions on the transportation of liquids in your carry-on baggage. All liquids must be packed in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 ml each and the containers must fit into one transparent and re-sealable plastic bag no larger than 1 liter.
  • Allow yourself enough time to leave your baggage on bag drop and to go through airport security checks, as you may have to queue, particularly at peak times. Check the minimum check-in times.
  • We recommend that you have travel insurance for your own peace of mind buy travel insurance.

Have a nice journey!


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