How to book:

  • Step 1: Define the assistance type needed at the airport.
  • Step 2: When customer has his/her own wheelchair/mobility aid, choose the appropriate wheelchair or mobility aid type code and add dimensions and weight.
  • Confirmation for certain assistance and wheelchair types is manual so send requests preferably 36 h prior to travel.

1. Define the assistance type needed at the airport:

WCHR = R (ramp), customer can climb steps and walk in the cabin but requires wheelchair for longer distances

WCHS = S (stairs), customer cannot climb steps or walk long distances but can walk in cabin

WCHC = C (cabin seat), customer is immobile and must be carried to/from cabin seat.

When booking the WCHC service, in addition to the SR WCHC line add OS AY PSGR CAN TAKE CARE OF HIM/HERSELF DURING FLT.

If the customer does not have his/her own wheelchair, add information in the free format text when requesting assistance type. Valid reason for request is also required e.g. SR WCHR – NOT OWN WCH ELDERLY PSG, or similar.

2. Use the correct code for the wheelchair or mobility aid:

MOBA Manual Power e.g. walker, shower chair etc.
WCMP Manual Power.
WCLB Lithium ion battery. Requires advance notification/preparation.
WCBD Non-spillable battery (dry or gel). Requires advance notification and may require preparation/(dis)assembly.
WCBW Wet cell battery. Requires advance notification and may require preparation/(dis)assembly.

Weight and dimensions must be specified, and if the wheelchair has a battery, the customer must be advised to have instructions with him/her on how the chair is immobilized for flight.



SR WCLB-120X50X94CM 90KG/S2-3/P1

SR WCBD-120X50X94CM 110KG/S2-3/P1

SR WCBW-120X50X94CM 110KG/S2-3/P1


If the customer has both battery-operated and manual wheelchair/mobility aid, please use correct codes for requesting the wheelchair, i.e. SR WCBD and SR WCMP/MOBA. If the passenger has, for example, 2 manual wheelchairs, the second wheelchair shall be booked as SSR MOBA with comment ”wheelchair”, dimensions and weight must also be specified.

Please advise customers travelling with a wheelchair to arrive at the departure gate at the latest 45 minutes before the departure time when travelling within Europe and 50 minutes before the departure time when travelling to or from an intercontinental destination.

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