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Experience the new Finnair

Enjoy the new sensation of flying – our brand-new Premium Economy travel class, completely renewed Business Class and refreshed Economy Class are now available on selected long-haul routes.

We are rolling out a full cabin renewal to our entire long-haul fleet during 2022–2023, and you'll soon be able to enjoy a uniform experience onboard all our Airbus A350s and A330s.

You can also upgrade your flight ticket from Economy Class to Premium Economy or from Premium Economy to Business Class.

Flights with the new cabins

The wait is over – you can now fly in our brand-new Premium Economy travel class as well as the renewed Business and Economy Class to the destinations listed below. Book your tickets now and experience the new sensation of flying with us.

Winter season 2022–2023

During the winter season until 25 March 2023, you can experience our renewed cabins on the routes listed below.

Summer season 2023

Enjoy the renewed cabin experience on the following routes during the summer season starting from 26 March 2023.

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The renewed Finnair long-haul experience will be available on the following routes:

From 30 October 2022 until 25 March 2023:

  • Helsinki–Bangkok (AY141, AY142 and AY145, AY146)
  • Helsinki–Dallas (AY19, AY20)
  • Helsinki–Doha (AY1981, AY1982)
  • Stockholm–Doha (AY1983, AY1984)
  • Copenhagen–Doha (AY1985, AY1986)
  • Helsinki–Dubai (AY1963, AY1964), starting from 2 January 2023
  • Helsinki–Miami (AY007, AY008), starting from 10 January 2023
  • Helsinki–New York (AY015, AY016) 
  • Helsinki–Phuket (AY151, AY152) 
  • Helsinki–Singapore (AY131, AY132) 
  • Helsinki–Tokyo (AY061, AY062) 

Summer season starting from 26 March 2023:

  • Helsinki–Bangkok (AY141, AY142 and AY145, AY146) 
  • Helsinki–Chicago (AY009, AY010) 
  • Helsinki–Dallas (AY19, AY20) 
  • Helsinki–Delhi (AY121, AY122) 
  • Helsinki–Doha (AY1981, AY1982) 
  • Stockholm–Doha (AY1983, AY1984) 
  • Copenhagen–Doha (AY1985, AY1986) 
  • Helsinki–Hong Kong (AY099, AY100) 
  • Helsinki–New York (AY015, AY016)  
  • Helsinki–Singapore (AY131, AY132)  
  • Helsinki–Tokyo (AY061, AY062)

More routes and flights will become available as soon as more aircraft are refurbished during 2022–2023.

Please check the current travel requirements and guidelines in our travel requirements map.

When booking your flights through our website or the Finnair mobile app, you can see if Premium Economy is available for your flight. If Premium Economy Class is available for a Finnair operated flight, it means the flight will also have the fully renewed Business Class and refreshed Economy Class.

You can purchase a travel class upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class via our online upgrade service. Upgrades from Economy Class to Premium Economy and from Premium Economy to Business Class can be bought via our customer service. The fastest way to request an upgrade is via our chatbot Sisu – when using your Finnair Plus points or upgrade benefits, you don’t have to queue at all.

Business Class reimagined

Our completely renewed Business Class will make flying with us feel like home. All the comfort, space and privacy that you could wish for in a unique Nordic package.

Get to know Finnair Business Class

Premium Economy – an entirely new travel class

Sitting comfortably in a cabin of its own between Business and Economy Class, our brand-new Premium Economy offers you more choice, space and comfort with bigger seats.

Get to know our Premium Economy Class

Economy Class – an updated classic

Flying with Finnair is better than ever thanks to our new, fresh Nordic cabin design and modern long-haul fleet. Discover the updated, more unified cabin experience in our Airbus A350 and A330 aircraft.

Get to know our Economy Class

Explore our new cabins in 3D

Economy Class

Explore the 3D seat map of our updated Economy Class on our long-haul flights.

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