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Terms and conditions for Finnair flight offers

  • The advertised prices are the lowest prices available for the next 12 months. Kindly check the calendar to see the exact travel dates and their prices. The price may be higher depending on which departure airport you choose. 
  • Each fare has a limited number of seats. All fares are subject to availability at the time of booking and may not be available on all flights. 
  • The lowest prices may not be available for the peak season dates, weekends or holidays. 
  • Please note that the advertised prices are usually for Economy Light and Superlight ticket types that do not include a carry-on baggage allowance. Remember that you can always purchase additional baggage as a travel extra. Please see our Extra baggage fees page to get more information.  
  • Flights may not be operated daily, and some destinations may only be operated seasonally. Kindly check the calendar to see the exact destinations, travel dates and their prices. 
  • Minimum stay and maximum stay fare rules may apply. 
  • An advance purchase period of up to 60 days may apply and impact the available fares. 
  • Flights may be operated by Finnair or also may include transfers or partner airlines. Kindly check from the flight details in the booking process to see the transfers or partner airlines. 
  • The advertised prices are only available at and can be booked through Finnair channels (Finnair.com, Finnair app, Finnair customer service). 
  • The advertised prices include the base fare, airport charges, taxes, services charges, other charges, surcharges and fees. The advertised prices are calculated based on current prices, exchange rates and regulations at the time of making the reservation. If any changes to these occur before ticketing, the price of the flight will change correspondingly. 
  • If you are paying with a credit card, additional charges or fees may be collected by your credit card issuer/provider to process the transaction. Hence, the amount quoted as payable on our site may differ from the amount taken from your card. Please contact your credit card issuer for further information. 
  • Please note that we may collect additional fees from certain payment methods to cover handling costs. Kindly check our Payment method processing fees page to have more information. 
  • Prices may have certain restrictions, including but not limited to, being fully non-refundable and/or having a change of reservation fees attached to them. The exact information on your ability to cancel or change your booking is available online and can be read during the booking process. 
  • Finnair reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
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