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Discover Guangzhou, the booming metropolis

At the heart of South Central China lies Guangzhou – the third largest city in the country, also known as Canton. Guangzhou is a booming capital of the coastal Guangdong province and boasts a rich history where ancient temples can be found alongside towering skyscrapers. The city has been a buzzing trade hub for centuries and continues to be one of China's leading manufacturing and transportation hubs to this day. Being a historical centre for trading, cultural exchanges and reforms, Guangzhou is a fascinating place with its unique lifestyle, distinctive cuisine and tremendous wealth. 

Unforgettable landmarks

Even though Guangzhou is known as the industrial engine behind the country's economic growth, its beautiful riverfront, lush parks and ancient temples take you on a fascinating journey through the centuries. Yuexiu Park is the largest park in Guangzhou and offers ample opportunities for spending time in the greenery as well as seeing cultural relics such as the iconic sculpture of the Five Rams and the Ming dynasty city wall ruins. 

For a taste of Guangzhou's spiritual side, pay a visit to the Temple of Six Banyan Trees, an impressive 1,400-year-old Buddhist construction where locals come to pray. The Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, located in the southwest part of the city, is a shrine turned into an educational centre that now serves as a folk art museum. Here you can see some of the most exquisite artwork and traditional architecture in the area. Check out also Shamian Island, a serene pedestrian sandbar with fully preserved French colonial villas and churches. 

For a true escape into nature, take a cable car to Baiyun Mountain, also known as the White Cloud Mountain – the leafy peak locally referred to as "the lung of the city". Spend a day relaxing in the wild and hike your way back down to the city in time for nightfall. Hop on a cruise boat on the Pearl River and watch the city awaken to a blaze of neon lights. Top your visit off with panoramic views from Canton Tower, a monumental TV and observation tower standing 450 meters tall at the heart of Guangzhou. 

Delicious Guangzhou cuisine

Guangzhou is home to Cantonese food, one of the eight culinary traditions of Chinese cuisine, and boasts the country's largest number of restaurants per capita. Make sure to taste the world-famous dishes such as Baiqie Chicken, Chinese Steamed Eggs, Dim Sum, Kao Ru Zhu (roasted suckling pig that has been a delicacy in the area for more than 1,400 years) and Wonton noodles while you're in town.

Things to see and do near Guangzhou

Head to Hong Kong and marvel at the world-famous skyline only a few hours away from Guangzhou. Or visit Huang Pu Gu Gang – an old trading port accessible by subway. This quaint town will transport you back in time with its historical buildings and ancestral temples.

Just 100km south of Guangzhou lies Macau – also known as the Las Vegas of Asia. The former Portuguese territory showcases world-class entertainment, fantastic Portuguese-Chinese cuisine and UNESCO World Heritage sites.  

For a taste of history, visit Xiaozhou Village – this centuries-old town on the southern outskirts of Guangzhou has become a haven for creative people. Pick up some local art and spend a relaxing day strolling around the scenic canals, fruit orchards and ancient buildings. 

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)

The airport is located about 40 kilometres north of the city centre of Guangzhou. 

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