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Cancellation cover claim

You can use this form to apply for a refund if you have purchased Finnair Cancellation Cover during the flight booking and you were not able to travel due to sickness. Cancellation Cover applies to the original flight cost and any prepaid flight-related Finnair extra services.

If you don’t have the Finnair Cancellation Cover and would like to apply for a refund for your flights or travel extras, please use the regular refund form.

Please note that a medical certificate is required as proof of sickness. Please add it to this form together with your information.

Please also note that you need to cancel your flight booking before you can apply for a refund. Flight bookings cannot be canceled with this refund form. You can cancel your flight on the Finnair website or via Finnair customer care.

For more information about Cancellation Cover, please read the terms and conditions.

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