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Dear Customer,

We apologize for the disruption in your travel plans due to overbookingdowngrade or delayed baggage.

Compensation types offered at the airport

Monetary compensation to your credit card

The compensation could be paid at the airport on the same credit card (Visa or MasterCard) which was used to pay for the flight ticket. This payment method is used at Helsinki airport.

Monetary compensation to your bank account

Customer Relations will contact you within 3 working days in email and ask your bank details for the bank transfer.

Flight gift card compensation

Flight gift card is sent to your email within 3 working days.

See the terms and conditions of the flight gift card here.

Finnair Plus points compensation

Finnair Plus points will be added to your Finnair Plus account within 3 working days. Compensation points are award points and they do not affect your Finnair Plus tier.

More information

For further information please read the Finnair Notice on Passenger Rights

In case of any issues with your compensation, please contact us at

Any other comments or feedback

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