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Prepare for your flights and customise your travel experience

Manage booking is a service on our website that allows you to view and modify your booking. We interviewed Richard Slater, Digital Product Lead at Finnair, who is responsible for the development of Manage booking.

Numerous features making your trip smooth and more comfortable  

Once you have made a booking with Finnair, we invite you to tailor your journey forward with Manage booking. “The service is very compact and easy to use, and available 24/7 for Finnair customers in 16 different languages,” Slater states. 

Slater tells that inside the service, you can see your flight booking including the flight schedule and the passenger details and your contact information. You can check what is currently included in your ticket, and select and purchase travel extras, including seats and up to three extra baggage per passenger per flight. If you didn’t provide your frequent flyer number at the time of your booking, also adding that is easy. As some destinations require additional information, providing that already in advance in Manage booking saves your time and reduces stress at the airport. 

If the ticket type you have purchased allows you to change your travel dates, you can also modify your booking and change the time and date of your flight in three simple steps. Similarly in disruption situations, in which your flight gets cancelled, we will offer you an alternative option that you can view and accept. In certain scenarios, you can also select a different flight that suits you better.

Ideally, changing travel dates on Manage booking would work for every customer in every possible scenario. However, because of complex bookings, changing travel restrictions and our flexible booking policy, we have lately had more than double of the amount of people wanting to change their travel dates than normally.

“The service is unable to handle certain complex requests, and there has been a number of technical issues that we are working hard to resolve. Ultimately, it takes time to investigate every specific case where something has gone wrong, and getting one fix done, fixes only similar cases,” Slater explains. If you aren’t able to modify your booking yourself, we kindly ask your to contact our customer service

Some new features coming soon

“In the near future, we are adding more options for you to customise your journey,” Slater states. The next services coming to Manage booking are the pre-order meals and special diet meals. There is also a plan to include the long-haul business class meal selection in the service, so that we can ensure that Business Class customers get their preferred meal choice on board. 

Other travel extras that will be coming to Manage booking soon are internet access and lounge access. Long-term plans include also adding the ability to cancel flights and trigger refund requests. “We are also always happy to get feedback and ideas from our customers on what you would like to have as part of Manage booking,” Slater says. “You can click the ‘Feedback’ function on the right-hand side on and let us know!”

Finnair Digital Services all developed in-house 

Finnair’s digital services included the website, app and inflight entertainment system are all developed in-house. “Our aim is to always improve our website’s performance in terms of speed and reliability. Ultimately, we want to offer a more personalised experience for our users being customer-driven and finding the very best solution for them,” Slater tells.

“We want to build easy-to-use services and thus invest a lot of time on user research and design with our teams’ professional designers.” Finnair currently has some open positions which you can check out if you want to be the next talent joining the digital forces.

As Slater sums it, “our digital services wish to accompany our customers throughout their whole journey: before, during and after their trip.” 

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