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Three ways to be more productive onboard

Balancing your daily dose of work, rest, and wellbeing is challenging when your office for the day is a plane. Here are three productivity tips for maximising your time en-route.

Robert Öhrnberg, Finnair’s General Manager in Greater China, is a frequent flyer – travelling two to four times a month around Greater China as well as five times a year to Europe. He can confidently say he has discovered how to make the most of his in-flight time.

1. Plan ahead

“The old saying that the early bird catches the worm holds true here. I usually get to the airport in good time to avoid unnecessary stress. I also get a head start on work before my flight. Prior to boarding, I weed through my inbox to make sure any urgent matters are settled before going offline. Lounges, by the way, are a great place to get work done.”

2. Tune out

“One of the best things about working onboard is that there are no distractions or interruptions. It’s a perfect opportunity for me to review documents or presentations. If you can, skip the Wi-Fi. I love getting into a flow state when I’m not connected. That said, I do find myself taking advantage of the onboard internet connection when I need to.

As I’m a big fan of Nordic minimalism, I particularly enjoy the spacious, light, and airy Finnair A350 Business Class, which makes working onboard much more comfortable. The fishbone layout of the cabin ensures privacy if you need to focus, regardless of your seat assignment. If I want complete silence, my secret survival tool is my noise-cancelling headphones.”

3. Find balance

“I often cross multiple time zones in short periods of time and need to function effectively after the flight. Immediately after take-off I start to work: first tackling my to-do list, then spending the rest of the flight in relax mode. This way once I land, I hit the ground running.

While onboard, I do my best to eat light and avoid alcohol. To balance sleep between different time zones, I take a melatonin supplement. This is also where the true value of Business Class comes in as I want to be recharged and fully focused when I arrive.”

Robert Öhrnberg, Finnair’s General Manager in Greater China, is based in Shanghai.

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