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Back in the air – Passenger perspectives

How does it feel to fly after a long break brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic? What do the on-board safety measures feel like? We interviewed some of our passengers who flew recently.

Finnair Passengers

“I flew from Brussels to Helsinki at the end of July to visit my family. 

I can confirm that my journey was safe. First, the temperature of each traveller was checked before entering the terminal. A face mask was mandatory. There were also plenty of hydro alcoholic gel dispensers and everyone kept a safe distance. 

During boarding, everyone received a hygienic wipe. It was really practical for washing your hands again, along with your table and armrest. During the flight, the only moment when you could take off your mask was when you were eating. As usual, the service was good. I enjoyed the sandwich and the iconic blueberry juice. People on board also kept a safe distance when going to the lavatory. Generally, people waited at their seat until it was free. Disembarking was also well organised. The crew asked us to wait at our seat and they allowed only some rows at a time to stand up and leave the plane to avoid any contact. 

When leaving the terminal in Finland, we received a document to inform us about COVID-19 symptoms and what to do in Finland in case you have those symptoms. With all those measures I can say that flying with Finnair is safe. I am looking forward flying again with Finnair back home.”

Simon flew from Brussels to Helsinki


“My flights were from Vienna to Helsinki and back – my reason to fly was to visit my boyfriend who is Finnish and whom I couldn’t meet for a couple of months because of the current situation. So, it was about the time when Finnair added Vienna to their traffic plan again. 

Flights were on time and the extra safety and hygiene measures made me feel safe and comfortable. Especially noticeable and visible at the airports and gate areas are floor stickers to keep distance and hand sanitisers as well as the recommendation to wear masks. The new boarding order worked well, as did the exiting in small groups. 

I enjoyed the flights as usual. Every passenger got a refreshing towel when entering the aircraft. Even though there were no sales on board, you could get complimentary coffee, tea, juice and water and especially the cheese sandwich was a delicious surprise.”

Andrea flew from Vienna to Helsinki


“I flew from Edinburgh To Oulu, connecting at London Heathrow and Helsinki Vantaa Airport. I was flying was work and relationship purposes. 

My trip overall was great. The ‘Clean Kit’ given to passengers before the flight containing the hand wash and wipes was an excellent idea. The group boarding was also a great implementation and made me feel safer when entering the plane. With the current COVID-19 situation my flight experience was different to normal, but Finnair provided an exceptional service and made me feel safe throughout my journey. 

The in-cabin experience was exceptional with friendly staff and useful updates. The complimentary drinks service was excellent with a good range – and it gave me time to practise my Finnish! It was very clear how to stay safe and secure throughout my travel with Finnair with clear announcements and signage to direct me.

I really enjoyed my flights, especially under the unique circumstances. I will be flying again soon, to return to my job once again. I'm looking forward to being on board again.”

Owein flew from Edinburgh to Oulu


“In July, I flew from Helsinki to Riga and back. I live in Finland and I haven't seen my family for a long time, so I wanted to visit them before the possible second wave of corona virus comes. To me, it seems that travelling by plane is much safer and quicker than taking a ferry to Riga. 

Both flights were perfectly on time and I clearly noticed additional safety measures. Firstly, everyone was wearing a face mask already in the airport and they kept wearing masks during the entire flight. Secondly, there were surface disinfecting wipes and hand sanitiser given to all the passengers during the boarding. The cabin crew were polite, friendly, and helpful as always.

The safety measures didn't affect the flight or quality of service. I think all the current safety measures are absolutely justified. I do not plan to fly again soon unless absolutely necessary.”

Elina flew from Helsinki to Riga


“I flew from Oulu to Budapest and back. I had a short 4-night getaway because I really needed some distance from the corona isolation. I noticed masks of course and heard that the airplane itself is quite safe because of air filters and very good ventilation. It’s a bit uncomfortable to wear a mask but otherwise everything about the flight was just fine. For me, it was clear that hand hygiene was the way to stay safe. I will probably fly again quite soon within Finnair because of my work.”

Pete flew from Oulu to Budapest

“I flew from Hong Kong to Zurich via Helsinki, then back to Hong Kong, with a two-week stay in Helsinki. Our reason to fly was to look after a house we just bought in Finland. In Zurich, we visited our friends and family. 

My trip was amazing, the little extra safety measures were noticeable, such as a ‘clean kit’ that was offered with hand sanitisers and wipes. The services were also limited but it was still delivered in an excellent way. Masks are also required for people over seven years old. The meals didn’t disappoint and the cabin crew were friendly and willing to help despite having communication barriers with the masks. 

All these measures didn’t affect our journey as it was still smooth, with great standards to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The in-cabin experience in my Hong Kong to Helsinki flight was great, and the flight wasn’t full which made it feel more spacious and enjoyable. Overall, the flight was enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone flying to Europe.

We plan to fly back to Hong Kong with Finnair and hopefully if the COVID-19 situation is less severe we can come back to Helsinki and visit other parts of Finland during the Christmas holidays.”

Yinouo flew from Hong Kong to Zurich

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