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Earn and use Finnair Plus points

We will introduce changes to the Finnair Plus program in early 2024.

Every point you earn is valuable and the more points you earn, the better the benefits. With points you can purchase award flights, services, products – you’ll find there are thousands of ways to benefit!

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What are Finnair Plus points?

As a Finnair Plus member, you can earn award points and tier points. But what are those points and what to do with them? Here's how it works!

Earn points from flights

Check how many points you can earn when you fly with Finnair and our partner airlines.

Earn points with Finnair Plus partners

There are plenty of ways to collect points from many different kinds of services with Finnair Plus partners.

Use points on Finnair award flights

Use your points to purchase Finnair Classic award flights or make Any Seat reservations. See how it works!

Use points on award flights with partners

Check for which partner airlines you can buy award flights and how much it costs in points.

Use points on travel class upgrade

Upgrade your travel class with points and travel in Business Class for the price of Economy Class tickets.

Use points on Finnair Plus partners

Discover different ways to make the most of your Finnair Plus award points.

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