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A lively university city with plenty of things to see and do

Also known as the “Athens of Finland”, Jyväskylä is the best place to experience the work of one of Finland’s most loved architects, Alvar Aalto. Being a university city, Jyväskylä is also home to a healthy population of students, which means there’s plenty going on throughout the year – from high quality theatre and musical events to side-splitting stand-up comedy nights.

When flying to Jyväskylä, be sure to admire the view from above: seeing Finland from the window of an airplane will help you understand where the nickname “The Land of a Thousands Lakes“ comes from.

Jyväskylä Airport (JYV)

The airport is located 20 km north of Jyväskylä.

Always remember to check your airline’s terminal and check-in times.

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