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Visit Japan’s snowy paradise Sapporo

Sapporo is a fantastic travel destination where you can combine skiing, spa and Japanese culture without bustling crowds of the country’s other cities. One of the highlights of the year is the annual Sapporo Snow Festival, where you can admire snow sculptures and enjoy winter ambience. Thanks to the area’s rich snowfall in winter, Sapporo is also famous for the possibilities of winter sports. There are indeed many ski resorts, largest one being Sapporo Teine Ski Resort. This resort suits both for beginners and more advanced ski lovers and has beautiful views over the city.  

However, skiing isn't the only activity that you should have on your Sapporo-bucket list. After different winter activities, a day or two relaxing in a spa is what your body and mind desire. You can find several hot springs both in the city centre of Sapporo and the villages nearby. A break in a bathtub filled with hot spring water and surrounded by beautiful nature is an excellent way to loosen up and enjoy a carefree holiday. 

And of course, a visit to Japan is nothing without culinary experiences. Sapporo is the home place of miso ramen, so we highly recommend you taste one with some Japanese dumplings. To explore a large variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife, you can head for the lively district called Susukino

Take the shortcut between West and East and fly to the capital of the northern Hokkaido prefecture, Sapporo with Finnair! Compact and relaxed Helsinki Airport provides you with fast and convenient connections. 

Visit the Snow Festival

Sapporo is known for its gorgeous winter landscapes. Each year in February the city hosts a snow festival where you can truly enjoy the authentic winter. You also get to see some wonderful ice sculptures!

See the seasons change

If you wish to experience the four seasons, Sapporo is a wonderful destination due to its northern location. Whether you wish to see winter landscapes, smell cherry blossoms, go to summer festivals or witness autumn foliage, Sapporo has all of it. 

Have a taste of the traditional

“The City of Food” Sapporo is known for its delicious ramen and refreshing beer. Stop for a minute to enjoy local Hokkaido produce like delicious soups and seafood. Don’t forget to try their local soft ice cream!

Go stargazing 

Sapporo is surrounded by hills that offer wonderful opportunities for stargazing and sightseeing. You can climb on top of Mount Hakodate or Mount Moiwa, for example, to have a look at the stars – or the city lights!

Catch a breath of fresh air in the park

Get to know Hokkaido’s history and nature by visiting a gorgeous park or two in Sapporo. You can, for example, visit the breath-taking botanical garden of the Hokkaido University campus.

Sapporo New Chitose Airport (SPK)

The airport is located 50km south-east of the city of Sapporo. 

Always remember to check your airline’s terminal and check-in times.

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