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Certificates for insurance company

If you need a certificate for your insurance company, please fill in the form below, and we'll send the certificate to your email address. 

Different reasons for requesting the certificate may include: 

  • You cancelling your flight
  • You not boarding your flight
  • You being onboard the flight
  • Your flight being delayed or cancelled by Finnair
  • Your baggage being delayed or damaged

If the certificate concerns you cancelling your flight, please cancel your booking via Manage booking before applying for the certificate.

You only need to submit the form once if you have several tickets in one booking. Please enter all ticket numbers separated by a comma in the "TICKET NUMBER" field

If you cancelled your flight and your ticket is refundable and purchased directly from Finnair, please apply for a refund using the refund form.

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Please note that the form must be filled in English.

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