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Ten recommendations for Finnair Shop for 2024

 In our Finnair Shop, you’ll find a wide selection of Finnair Plus awards and products. Redeem award vouchers for luxurious hotel stays and food home delivery services or use your Avios for Iittala glasses or donate for UNICEF. We listed the 10 hottest items to use your Avios for.

Finnair Shopping

1. Scandic award voucher

Tempted to have a good night’s sleep on a hotel bed before feasting on the hotel breakfast? Thanks to this excellent award voucher, you can spend a staycation in your own city or take a weekend trip elsewhere. The offer is available with Avios or as a combination of Avios and money, including overnight stays in Scandic’s wonderful hotels on Fridays and Saturdays.

2. Donation to UNICEF

You can do good with your Avios by donating some to UNICEF’s emergency work. The minimum donation is 500 Avios. UNICEF does long-term work in 190 countries to save children’s lives, defend their rights and help them fulfill their potential. The organization also helps in around 300 crises around the world every year.

3. Wolt award voucher

Discover great restaurant food – right on your own couch. Insert your award voucher code into Wolt app or to their website, choose a restaurant, pick a delicious meal, and confirm your preferred delivery method. The Helsinki-based, Finnish technology company will handle the rest, making it incredibly easy to get good food delivered right to you. Please note that the vouchers with values listed in euros are only valid in Finland.

4. Wiesendahl Antitheft Safety backpack

The usability and versatile features of this premium backpack create a new standard for all backpacks. Details include, for example, TSA lockable zipper, padded pockets for holding a 15.6" laptop and a tablet, air mesh ventilated back panel that reduces back sweating, a zippered hidden pocket on the back, an integrated water bottle pocket and an integrated USB 2.0 fast charging cable and an outlet for it.

5. Fiskars scissors, recycled material

Fiskars scissors are a classical choice, both for yourself and for a present. Universal scissors made from recycled materials (80%) and cellulose fiber (13%) are 100% recyclable. Ergonomic handles are comfortable to use, and strong blades made of stainless steel stay sharp for a long time. The scissors are made in Finland, and the quality of each pair is tested by hand.

6. Linnanmäki award voucher

Ready for fun for the coming summer? Redeem yourself plenty of joy at Linnanmäki amusement park, where you can explore more than 40 different rides. There’s plenty of choice for both younger and more experienced entertainers in the family. You can buy a Linnanmäki award voucher with Avios or a combination of money and Avios.

7. BookBeat award voucher

Listening to audiobooks is a great pastime both on a beach holiday as well as when cooking at home, for instance. BookBeat is Finland’s most popular e- and audiobook service that has more than 800,000 books, so you’re guaranteed to not run out of stories to listen. You can also download books offline to have access to them even without an internet connection – perfect when travelling!

8. Iittala Ultima Thule sparkling wine glasses

If you want to get into the atmosphere of Finnair’s long-haul Business Class on your own sofa at home, you can get the Ultima Thule champagne glasses designed for Finnair’s first flight to New York back in 1969. The eye-catching glasses of the classic series have a rounded base, which resembles melting ice. With these design pieces, you can also bring feels of arctic nature to your interior.

9. Rukakeskus & Pyhätunturi award voucher (€50)

Ready for your next snowy adventure? With this award voucher, you can purchase Ski passes at Ruka and Pyhä as well as equipment rentals at Ruka’s Piste and Vuosselinportti and Pyhä’s lower and upper rental shops. You can redeem this award voucher entitling to products and services at Rukakeskus and Pyhätunturi by using your Avios or a combination of money and Avios.

10. Epassi

As a Finnair Plus member, you can use Avios via Epassi at more than 35,000 locations for sports, culture, wellness and restaurant services across Finland. The extensive service provider network has a wide variety of options, such as Finnkino, Allas Sea Pool, Suomen Urheiluhierontakeskus, Levi Ski Resort, Science Centre Heureka, Rush Finland and Liikku fitness center.

Explore all of the available product and service options at Finnair Shop.

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