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Sitting comfortably? Take a few minutes to read how seating on board works!

We regularly get questions about how seats are assigned onboard and what are the best ways to ensure you get your desired seat. Read our Q&A on the topic and keep our tips in mind next time you book.

1. Do I have to pay for my seat if I want to select one myself?

If you want to make sure you get your preferred seat or that you are seated next to your travel companion, we recommend purchasing a seat in advance. The seat selection varies according to the aircraft, but there is always a lot to choose from. You can see all our options here.

In Business Class, you can choose a Standard or Preferred seat free of charge at the time of check-in when travelling with our Light or Classic ticket types. When you purchase a Business Flex ticket, you may select your desired seat already at the time of booking.

2. Why can't I book a seat in advance on a flight operated by one of your partner airlines?

You can always reserve a seat in advance for flights operated by Finnair. If you are travelling on a flight operated by one of our partner airlines, their rules apply, also regarding seating. You can contact the operating airline directly, check their website for more information, or wait for their check-in to open.

3. I purchased a seat and have now decided to upgrade my travel class, what happens to my seat selection?

If you upgrade your travel class, your previously purchased seat selection is refunded automatically. You can then choose to purchase a seat in your new travel class. The fastest way to request an upgrade is via our chatbot Sisu when using Finnair Plus points or upgrade benefits. For that, you don’t have to queue at all.

4. I have been assigned a window seat, but prefer to sit by the aisle, can I change it?

If you haven’t reserved a seat in advance, we will automatically assign you a seat at check-in. If you aren’t happy with the seat we have chosen for you, you can purchase a seat from the selection that is still available.

5. I pre-paid for a seat but the operating aircraft has now been changed, what happens to my seat selection?

The type of aircraft may change after you purchased your flight or seat. For operational, safety and security reasons, requested seats can't be guaranteed. Sometimes we might even need to rearrange seating after boarding for the same reasons.

If we need to change your seat, we always do our best to find a seat that is as similar to your desired seat as possible. We will always try to offer you the equivalent seat that you had purchased. If we are unable to deliver an equivalent seat, you can apply for a refund.

6. I was assigned a seat at check-in, but my seat has changed afterwards, how is this possible?

You can purchase seats until very close to the flight’s departure, and therefore it is possible that someone has purchased the seat we had already assigned to you. If you prefer a certain type of seat, we recommend you purchase it in advance.

7. I would like to be seated together with my travel companion, but there are no seats available. Why is this?

We do our best to offer seats next to each other for customers who are on the same flight reservation. However, depending on availability, we are not able to guarantee this. This could, for example, be due to large groups traveling together on the same flight. By purchasing seats in advance through Manage Booking or Finnair app, you can choose seats next to each other with your travel companion.

8. Are children seated together with the adults travelling on the same reservation?

Our system assigns children under 12 to sit next to at least one adult on the same reservation. You can change seats freely among your own travel party on the same reservation. If the system fails to find seats for the children next to a familiar adult, we will fix it in customer service or at the airport check-in or at the departure gate. 

9. Do you offer a baby bassinet? Does it come at an extra cost and what age group is it appropriate for?

We offer baby bassinets on all our long-haul flights. Due to the bassinet measurements and weight limitation, bassinets are recommended for infants younger than 6 months. You can purchase in advance the front row seats, where the baby bassinets can be attached to. The seats are marked with a bassinet icon on the seatmap. The seats are chargeable since they are regular front row seats, available for purchase to all our customers.

10. You have introduced a new travel class Premium Economy for your long-haul flights, how are the seats different from Economy Class?

Our spacious Premium Economy seats have an extra 7” (17.5cm) in seat pitch compared to the standard Economy Class seats. The longer leg rests give support to the entire length of your legs, the seats have better recline, and memory foam cushions add to your comfort. The seat also has a personal reading light, a handy cocktail table, a larger table to enjoy your meals on, as well as plenty of innovative storage features.  

11. What's special about your new AirLounge seat used in long-haul Business Class?

The new Business Class seat can be turned into a spacious bed, where you can fully lie down and enjoy a good night’s sleep. There is a proper mattress pad and cushions to support your body and make you comfortable in every sleeping position. The bed is dressed with exclusive Marimekko textiles. Before you decide to turn in you can make use of the clever stowage features, a personal custom-design reading light and built-in USB A and C sockets, PC power and a standard wireless charger. There is no better way to spend a long flight than on our AirLounge.

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