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Must-see Moomin attractions in Finland

Moomin fans come from far and wide to visit the home of their favourite characters. These are our top picks for Moomin-themed shops, parks, exhibitions and more around the country.

Image: Muumimaailma Oy

Your Moomin experience begins at Finnair’s home base: Helsinki Airport

Non-Schengen international travellers can pass by gate 40 to pick up some storybook-inspired treats from the Moomin Coffee café. Try Moominmamma's sweet pancakes or treat yourself or your kids with ice cream. The area is spacious with an airside view.

There are also Moomin shops at Helsinki Airport, both in the Schengen and non-Schengen sides of the airport, near Gate 40 and Gate area 21–22. You can find soft toys, mugs, books and more perfect last-minute gifts.

Once you’re in Helsinki itself, there are several Moomin stores to choose from. The flagship is Moomin Shop Lasipalatsi on Mannerheimintie, the city’s main street. The store is designed in the colours of the first Moomin book: The Moomins and the Great Flood.

The biggest Moomin store in Finland – Moomin Shop Forum – is a short walk away in the Forum shopping mall. The interior of the store is inspired by Tove Jansson's book Moominpappa at Sea.

There are two Moomin Shops at Helsinki Airport.

Theme parks and playgrounds

For the ultimate Moomin experience, summer travellers can visit Moominworld in Naantali on Finland’s southwest coast. Just pick up your magic bracelet at the entrance and start exploring the attractions! Mrs Fillyjonk's House is the latest addition in 2024.

Image: Muumimaailma Oy

The park is about 180 kilometres from Helsinki, but just 16 kilometres from the city of Turku. You can book your trip all to way to Turku, or explore Helsinki first and then reach Turku easily by train or bus from the capital. From there you can even take a boat to Moominworld.

For travellers who also want to see eastern Finland, there’s a Moomin Ice Cave in Leppävirta. The summer of 2024 marks the sixth time a team of ice sculptors from Finland and abroad have carved out Moomin characters and other formations in an underground ski tunnel.

Travellers with kids will want to head eastward from Helsinki to the coastal city of Kotka. Here you can visit the Moomin-themed playground with its seven-metre-high Moominhouse. Kids can climb from Moominmamma's kitchen on the ground floor through various themed levels to reach the Moomintroll room at the top. A slide takes them back down to the park.

Moomin museum and exhibition

The world’s only Moomin Museum – in the city of Tampere – is a must-see for Moomin fans and art appreciators alike. The museum is home to a collection of original illustrations and other artwork that will take you deep into the Moomin world.

Tampere is approximately 180 kilometres from Helsinki and can be easily reached by train or bus.

Image: Moomin Characters Oy Ltd

The person behind the books

There are also several activities for Moomin fans who want to know more about the characters’ creator, Tove Jansson.

This map guides you to more than 10 Helsinki landmarks that have played a role in Jansson’s life and legacy, including her childhood home, art school, and place of rest.

Travellers who want a Moomin-style adventure should also check out Island Riddles. The themed walking trip is based on one of the Moomin books and takes place in the Pellinge Archipelago, where Jansson spent more than 30 summers.

Her home on the island on Klovharun is open to the public for only one week each year. Check here for details if you’d like to try and time your trip to Finland for this unique experience.

We have cooperated with the Moomins already since the 1990’s. During our centenary year 2023, we had a special Moomin livery, in which Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden share a hug on two of our Airbus A350 aircraft. One of the aircraft you can still spot during 2024. 

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