Carbon neutral flights by 2045 | Finnair Switzerland

Destination: carbon neutrality in 2045

For a sustainable future, everyone needs to pull their weight. To put words into action, we are committed to going carbon neutral in 2045.​ As we work towards the long-run goal, we expect to have cut our emissions by half already in 2025.

How? To us, the key lies in operating an efficient fleet with direct, short routes for fewer emissions and investing in more fuel-efficient flight planning and flying. It lies in reducing the weight of our aircraft, as every kilogram onboard has an impact on the fuel burn and emissions. We are also increasing sustainable aviation fuel usage with our partners, to enable us to boost and develop biofuel production in Finland. Last but not least, we are investing in circular economy and material management, reducing for example single-use plastics and food waste in all our operations.​

We are introducing carbon offsetting in the near future as one means to reaching net zero. You can make a difference by choosing an airline with a modern fleet, choosing to fly the shortest, most direct way and in the right direction from the start or by packing a kilogram less for your next travels.

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