A long flight gives you time to enjoy culinary experiences. Our distinctive intercontinental Business Class menus have received numerous awards globally, and Economy Class passengers can extensively customise their meal experience or enjoy our carefully prepared complimentary meal.

Business class

What's included?

For our intercontinental Business Class passengers, life is delicious. You'll be served two three-course meals, along with beverages and award-winning wines, carefully matched to your meal. You can choose from three main courses and we feature a wide selection of bread.

We also serve coffee, tea, snacks and drinks throughout the flight.

Customised meal experiences

We accommodate all kinds of culinary tastes – for your meal, you can choose from a selection of three main courses, constantly refreshed. Our chefs couple the crisp, fresh tastes of Finnish nature with Mediterranean culinary traditions. Our main courses include succulent dishes for meat lovers, fish cooked to perfection and tasty vegetarian dinners.

Our menus are designed based on the flight time and destination, and there are always both Nordic and destination-oriented options available to suit your palate.

Preselect your meal

You can preselect your meal according to your taste – we offer a fantastic variety of dishes to fit your taste. Have a look at the selection and treat yourself.

See our business class menu

Snack bars

Many of our Airbus A350-300 and A330-300 aircraft contain a snack bar near the main entrance, so you can help yourself to light snacks and drinks whenever you'd like.

Express meal

Need focus or rest? Order an Express meal, served right after take-off. This maximises downtime during your flight, leaving more time for work, relaxation or sleep. The meal includes a side salad, appetiser and bread with cheese.

Express Meals can be booked via Finnair Customer Care or from a flight attendant when boarding the plane.

Economy Class

What's included?

As a long-haul Economy Class passenger, we'll serve you a tasty, complimentary meal along with beverages. We also serve an appetizing snack before landing on many of our flights. Delicious in-flight snacks and drinks are available for purchase during your flight.

What can I buy?

Upgrade your meal

You can upgrade your first complimentary meal by preordering a dish, served on porcelain with steel cutlery, on selected intercontinental routes departing from Helsinki.

Order an upgraded meal

Snacks on board

We have a wide selection of meals, snacks and beverages for purchase onboard our flights. Grab a bite to eat or treat yourself to a refreshing beverage – make the most of your time in the sky.

See our snack selection


Champagne and chocolate

On at least two-hour international flights, you can celebrate a birthday or pamper yourself or a loved one by ordering a bottle of champagne or a box of chocolates to enjoy during your flight.

Order treats for your flight

Special diets

Order a special diet meal

We provide a wide variety of tasty special menus to accommodate for your dietary needs. See the options and let us know what you'd like at least 24 hours before departure.

See our special diet menu
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