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Using a discount code

Terms for active codes

If you received the code through an email, find the rules for using it there – we share some discounts only with our subscribers and Finnair Plus members by email.

Want a chance to receive these too? Please become a member or subscriber if you already haven't.

There are currently no discount codes to share here.

How to apply the code

  • You can add the discount code if you start booking flights on Click Use a discount code. The code cannot be added later during the booking process.
  • Enter the code exactly as you received it, without any spaces. The field uses automatic capitalisation, so you don't have to worry about getting the letter case right. 
  • Click Continue after adding a valid code.
  • The discount code is applied to your cart after you search for flights. 
    • If the discount code is valid, you'll see discounted prices in the next steps. 
    • If the discount has expired or it is not valid for the flights you searched, it is not applied and you will be notified of it in the next step.
  • If you have received a one-time discount code, you can make as many searches with it as you like. A one-time code becomes used and is no longer valid after a successful payment.

If the discount code is not working

The terms and conditions of the discount codes vary. The rules might define, for example, the travel dates, departure or destination airport, travel class or airline for which the code can be used. Some codes only work if you are logged in with your Finnair Plus account. One-time codes work only once.

Make sure you check the terms and conditions before. You should be able to find the terms in the same place you received the code, for example through an email.

General terms and conditions 

The following applies to the use of all discount codes. 

  • The discount applies only to the base fare (flight price before taxes and fees).
  • If you have received a one-time discount code, you can also use it to book flights for others (as long as it meets the offer rules).
  • You can only use one code per booking. Discount codes cannot be combined in any way or with any other discounts.
  • If the discount is a fixed monetary amount and you are also booking a flight for a child or an infant, then the discount is prorated from the adult fare.

Other terms and conditions of booking flights in Finnair channels apply.

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