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Five things about Premium Economy you might not know yet

Our new travel class Premium Economy launched in 2022, and many of you have already experienced the comfort it offers. But there are facts about the cabin and its service you perhaps didn't happen to think about. Let's find out what these are.

Premium Economy is our new travel class that offers more choice, space and comfort. Premium Economy will gradually become available on all long-haul flights to and from Asia and North America operated with Airbus A350 and A330 aircraft.

In this article, our Head of Inflight Customer Experience Eerika Enne sheds light on the different sides of this new travel class and cabin designed to showcase Finnair's modern and Nordic style. She feels that this cosy and comfortable option suits many different travelling needs.  

“Perhaps you just want to start your holiday well-rested or be able to work comfortably onboard. If you are celebrating a special occasion, such as a honeymoon or a birthday, that could be a great time to try Premium Economy,” she points out. 

1. Both the cabin and the service are elevated from Economy 

Premium Economy class offers an all-around elevated experience from Economy class. The new travel class is specially designed to add comfort and service to your journey.

From the style of the cabin to the seat comfort, and from meal service to comfort items, everything will have that slight edge, that will make you feel special. This makes Premium Economy a great, accessible way for you to try upgrading from Economy.  

2. You will have plenty more space

In comparison to Economy class, Premium Economy offers around 50 percent more space. The seat pitch is considerably longer and the seat wider, so you can stretch out properly. To perfect the seat, there are an adjustable head rest and a leg rest that supports the whole leg. 

“The different stowage options make relaxing even easier since you can have your personal belongings on hand, or neatly stowed away, when not used,” Enne says.  

3. You will experience previously unseen seats and award-winning textiles

The seats on Premium Economy were customised for Finnair by Haeco, and Finnair is the first airline to launch them. The materials, textures and design were chosen to reflect the serene and natural Nordic style chosen for the cabin. 

The bespoke Marimekko Premium Economy textiles are also very special, and even award-winning. They are produced with comfort, durability and sustainability in mind. The tightly woven blanket is made of 100% recycled polyester can handle multiple wash cycles without colour loss or wearing.

”All the items are very high-quality and designed to ideally complement the seat,” Enne states. 

4. Time will fly by 

In Premium Economy, your time passes well. You can work on your laptop and make use of the custom laptop space. Or if you prefer to be entertained, our new Red Dot award-winning in-flight entertainment system with a large screen, intuitive user interface, and plenty of content should keep you busy. The screen also makes sure you are up to date on all necessary flight information and your flight timeline.

Meals are of course one of the highlights of your trip. In Premium Economy there are two meal services. The main meal service is served on the same chinaware that Business Class uses, the stunning Harri Koskinen designed Iittala Kuulas custom range. To complement the delicious meals a selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages is included throughout your flight. 

5. Enjoy the calm or the company 

Premium Economy is always its own cabin and separate from other travel classes. It is also a relatively small size, between 21 and 26 seats. This makes the atmosphere in the cabin more intimate and peaceful. 

The seat configuration is either 2, 3 and 2 seats per row, or 2, 4 and 2 seats per row. This means that there are private double seats for couples or those flying with a travel companion, and great space for families on the middle seats. On the front row you can also use a baby bassinet.

“Premium Economy is a good choice, if you want more privacy compared to Economy whether you are travelling with your family, friend or partner, or maybe want to continue working on the flight,” Enne says.

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