Are you eager to spend your Finnair Plus award points, but don’t have quite enough for what you want? Now there’s an easy way to increase your point balance quickly. You can buy additional award points to top up your account, or you can buy points as a gift to add to someone else’s account.

The maximum amount of Finnair Plus points you can buy each year is 150,000 points. Please note that you need to log in to buy points. Points will be transferred to your account in 1–3 days from purchase.

Buy points for yourself

Now you don’t have to wait to travel to get more points. Just purchase the points you need, then spend them however you wish: on flights or travel class upgrades, or for products and services with our partners. Buying points is the fastest and easiest way to increase your account balance right when you need it.

Buy points

Buy points as a gift

You can now help someone else travel by buying them Finnair Plus award points as a gift. You can buy gift points to your family members, friends, employees – anyone with a Finnair Plus account. In addition to being a wonderful gift, points are also a great idea when you want to travel with someone who needs additional points to qualify for an award flight.

Buy gift points