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Finnish Lapland

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Magical North will cast a spell on you

Located in the northernmost and untouched part of Finland, mythical Lapland gets as close to a real-life winter wonderland as one could. When looking for a place that is genuinely unique and magical all year round, search no further because Finnish Lapland is the destination for you.

Finnish Lapland is a true paradise for winter-lovers, as the glittering snow blankets can last up to seven months. It’s the perfect place to get a head start on the white winter season since you can admire the first snow already in October with a high chance of spotting the mesmerising colours of the Northern Lights. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind accommodation experience, you can spend your nights under the stars in a glass igloo or get cosy in a romantic log house with a sauna. 

For ski enthusiasts, the Northern part of Finland serves the biggest and most versatile ski slopes in the whole country – the most popular ski resorts worth checking out being LeviRukaYlläs and Pyhä-Luosto. Along with skiing, other exciting wintery adventures, such as a cheerful reindeer or dog sleigh ride or a dip in the freezing cold water after the soft heat of the Finnish sauna, are definitely a must during your Northern holiday. Visiting Santa Claus himself at his lively office in Rovaniemi can be the cherry on the top!

Although Lapland is most often visited during the wintertime, the region charms with its picturesque landscapes and wilderness throughout the year. Clean air and Nordic nature can be enjoyed during the other months as well while hiking some of the best trails of the national parks in Finland. Depending on the season, blue- or cloudberries are waiting to be picked under the endless sunlight. As summer comes to its end, uniquely to Lapland, you'll experience the extraordinary period of autumn called ruska, when the otherwise serene nature bursts into deep warm colours that fascinate the eye and calm the mind. 

Whether it's the snowy winter, dazzling summertime or colourful autumn, Finnish Lapland will welcome you with its stunning nature and warm-hearted people. Take your pick from our numerous Lapland destinations in IvaloKittiläKuusamo or Rovaniemi and get ready for a captivating experience!

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