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Exclusive Finnair amenity kit

When flying in our Premium Economy and Business Class on long-haul flights, you can enjoy our exclusive Finnair amenity kit. Designed exclusively for Finnair by the Finnish design house Marimekko, the versatile pouch is practical even after travels.

The sustainable kit includes a Marimekko design pouch, L:a Bruket almond/coconut softening lip balm and chamomile/lavender moisturising facial cream, a Marimekko design sleep mask, earplugs, and a toothbrush. 

The Marimekko prints

Maija Isola, one of Marimekko’s most celebrated designers, created several iconic patterns during her 38-year long career. The “Travel Kit” series introduces four of her classic patterns: Joonas, Rautasänky, Pieni Melooni and Jenkka. The series stands out with its carefully selected colours and patterns, while the smooth jacquard fabric of the pouch and the matching sleep mask have been designed to reflect a relaxing flight experience.

In 1961, Maija Isola spent many evenings and nights working in Marimekko’s print factory – painting in gentle, sweeping brushstrokes to the sway of music. Metre upon metre of new patterns emerged. On one of those nights, Joonas (Jonah), a pattern inspired by the sun dancing on the waves of the Mediterranean, saw the light of day.

“I danced with the brush.” This is how Maija Isola described the evenings and nights she spent in Marimekko’s print factory in 1961 – painting in gentle, sweeping brushstrokes to the sway of the music. Metre upon metre of new patterns emerged. On one of those nights, Rautasänky (iron bed), an expressive, original stripy design, saw the light of day.

Pieni Melooni (small melon) is a variation of the large-patterned pop art-inspired Melooni design. This laid-back pattern of stylised natural forms is one of the many designs in Maija Isola’s output of the 1960s that superbly catch the spirit of the times.

Jenkka (a Finnish dance similar to schottische) belonged originally to a series of patterns based on photographs depicting parts of the human body. The model for the photographs was the designer’s daughter.

L:a bruket

Finnair and L:a Bruket present the handy personal care products designed for soothing inflight experiences. Developed exclusively for Finnair, L:a Bruket Flying Essentials Kit will perfect your time above the clouds with skin treatments – all made on the west coast of Sweden from natural and organic ingredients.

Enjoy L:a Bruket products, not only on board, but also in the Finnair lounge bathrooms and shower suites at Helsinki Airport.

Flying essentials kit

Understanding that conditions can vary extremely between origin and destination. L:a Bruket developed two vital treatments that will protect, nurture and delicately restore the skin for your journey ahead. Made by using naturally sourced, renewable ingredients with recyclable packaging.

Lip balm Almond/Coconut

Organic lip balm with a long-lasting moisturizing and nourishing effect in a hot or freezing dry climate. Almond oil, coconut oil and beeswax protect against harsh weather and have a calming effect on dry and chapped lips.

Facial cream Chamomile/Lavender

A light facial cream that moisturizes and protects the skin. It is enriched with babassu seed oil and extract of chamomile, cucumber, green tea as well as essential oil of lavender and eucalyptus.

Nordic sustainable design

Finnair is committed to the environment and sustainability. We have included more sustainable features in our latest amenity kit design and significantly reduced plastic usage and packaging. The toothbrush made from cornstarch-based bioplastic is part of that.

However, what truly makes the amenity kit more sustainable is its design. Being both functional and stylish, your kit can continue travelling with you for many years to come.

If there are any items you don't need in your amenity kit, please hand them over to a member of our cabin crew during your flight. Unused items will be donated to women’s shelters.

Finnair will continue to incorporate more sustainable options throughout its products in the future. You can learn more about Finnair corporate responsibility and our actions for the environment from our Sustainability page.

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