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Why to choose Helsinki Airport as your transfer station?

Helsinki Airport, Finnair’s home in the North, has gone through a total transformation to offer you a seamless journey. Its stunning new terminal building is an ideal place to start and finish your journey, but it is also a perfect choice for connecting flights.

All under one roof

We value your time and space, and our spacious home hub is designed for a convenient journey. With short distances and all gates and services under one roof, at Helsinki Airport, connecting to your next flight is made easy for you. The terminal layout is clear which makes it easy to navigate from gate to gate, and if you need to hurry, the new moving walkways come handy.

And hey, if you haven’t yet downloaded Finnair mobile app, why not to do it now? The app is a great travel companion in many ways, and via the app you can also access the airport map on the go.

It’s good to know that the transformation of the Helsinki terminal continues over the next year with exciting new retail options and continued development of the terminal area. This means that you may still experience areas under construction and changes in walking routes on your way.

Advanced security and border control

Depending on your origin and destination countries, you may need to go through border control and security when connecting from one flight to another. At Helsinki Airport, modern solutions make it smoother to pass these check points. Due to the ongoing airport renewal program, improved security and border control areas are now at your service when you change between the Schengen and non-Schengen areas.

Many nationalities can use automated border control with new passport control machines, which is quick and easy, and will shorten the needed time to get from one flight to another.

Comfort the Nordic style

We love comfort in the Nordic countries and hope you will sense it at Helsinki Airport too. Its spacious premises and various services help you enjoy your transfer time. There are shops, restaurants and cafes for every taste, work and charging stations if you need to get some work done and even playing areas for children.

Or why not relax and recharge in our cosy Finnair lounges – we have lounges in both the Schengen and non-Schengen areas of the airport. If lounge access is not included in your ticket, you also have the option to purchase it as a travel extra.

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