Allegro Rail & Fly: Helsinki–St. Petersburg/Vyborg

Finnair Meets Allegro map

Together with the Finnish railway company VR we can now offer you even more efficient choices when travelling between Helsinki and St. Petersburg/Vyborg.

  • Available through Finnair Customer Service and travel agents
  • The ticket allows a stopover in Helsinki
  • Please make sure you have all the required travel documents and visas for your trip

How it works

  • Contact Finnair Customer Service or your travel agent to book.
  • Make sure you provide your passport information at the time of booking.
  • Please note that the train can be booked only in connection with an international Finnair flight.

Timetable and travel duration

  • Two trains a day in each direction
  • Visa and customs control are carried out during the train ride, saving your time
Trains departing from Helsinki Trains departing from St. Petersburg Train ride duration Minimum connecting time
Timetable 15:00 and 19:00 6:40 and 11:25 3 h 36 min 2h 45 min

Finnair Allegro route map: Your departure, Fly to Helsinki Airpot, Take the Finnair City Bus to Helsinki Railway Station, Board the Allegro train to St.Petersburg Finlyandsky Station.

You will need to check-in with an official when boarding the Allegro train in St. Petersburg. No check-in is needed when boarding the Allegro train in Helsinki. Local officials will also check your travel documents during the ride on both sides of the border.

Transport between Helsinki Railway Station and Helsinki Airport

You can connect by:

  • Finnair City bus, about 45 minutes, €6.30 – the railway station is the final stop
  • Public transportation, about 45 minutes, €5
  • Taxi, about 30 minutes, approx. €40
  • A new local railway connection between Helsinki Airport and Helsinki city centre is estimated to open in summer 2015, significantly shortening the travel time

Allegro seat map

Your booking includes a seat reservation on the train. All seats are in car 2. The seat number in your booking confirmation converts to your actual train seat number as follows:

Finnair Allegro seat map. Seats 19 to 40 are highlighted.

The highlighted seats are reserved for Finnair passengers.

Seat number in your booking confirmation Seat in train
5C 22
5D 21
6C 24
6D 23
7A 25
7B 26
7C 28
7D 27
8A 29
8B 30
Seat number in your booking confirmation Seat in train
8C 32
8D 31
9A 33
9B 34
9C 36
9D 35
10A 37
10B 38
10C 40
10D 39