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Finnair app makes travel simple

Finnair app is a travel partner that makes your travel routines faster and easier. It helps you throughout your journey.

By downloading the Finnair app, you get access to services that make your travel experience smoother. The app keeps all the information you need easily within reach, in one place. 

You can start making travel plans in the Destinations section of the app. Once you have your perfect destination in mind, you can book it conveniently in the app. 

To get the best service, log in with your Finnair Plus account. This ensures that your passenger information is filled in automatically making the booking easy. The booking is saved in the app immediately after you finish the process. If you are not already a Finnair Plus member, you can join easily in the app. 

- The app makes it easy to customize your travel experience in advance. You can purchase a seat or additional luggage and order your meals on the app. You can even upgrade your travel class on the app when there is availability, says Ulla Mäki-Kahma, Digital Channel Lead for Finnair app. 

Up to date information when you travel

The easiest way to check in to your flight is via Finnair app where your boarding pass is also saved automatically. The easy mobile check-in is the best-liked feature in the app. 

The app keeps you up to date on everything regarding your trip and possible changes: you can check your flight and gate information as well as boarding times on the app. It also gives you direct access to the travel restriction map so that you can check the latest travel requirements of your destination conveniently. 

- If the user gives permission to push notifications, they get a message when check-in or boarding starts as well as information on delays, Mäki-Kahma points out. 

During the trip, you can also check the food and drink service available onboard your flight. 

Finnair Plus, customer service and Finnair Shop in one place 

A digital version of the Finnair Plus card is carried with you at all times in the app. You can see changes in your membership level, customer benefits and Finnair Plus points in real time. 

- At the moment, most of our app users are members, Mäki-Kahma says.

Via the app you can also reach customer service if needed.

- You can contact our customer service through a chat in the app. The chat is available around the clock, Mäki-Kahma mentions. 

The app also includes a shortcut to Finnair Shop. Finnair Plus products can be bought and offers utilized without a separate log-in. Points are saved automatically. 

Further development makes your travel experience even better 

In the constant development of the app focus is on functionalities that make travel easier.

- We aim to make more and more of our travel services available digitally, Mäki-Kahma remarks.

New features are introduced regularly. The latest additions are the Nordic Kitchen menu and pre-checking for the COVID-19 certificate.

Mäki-Kahma underlines that the app is meant to provide its users with all necessary information and services, easily and in real time.

- We aim to be the best travel partner for our users - always up to date and helping in all stages or the trip.

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