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Finnair takes a role in Chinese blockbuster film

Finnair is all set to take a key role in this winter’s biggest Chinese blockbuster, 'I Remember'. The movie, starring Chinese superstar Angelababy and opening in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing on December 24, follows a young couple’s romantic journey to Lapland, showcasing Finland in all its Nordic glory.

I Remember cast

Finnair has collaborated with CMC Pictures, the production company behind I Remember, with the aim of showcasing the best Finland has to offer and showing film lovers how they can experience exactly what they see on screen.

“We believe that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to unite Finnair with the Finnish experience that is displayed in the film,” says Anu Rintala, Head of Brand, Finnair. “When viewers come out of the theatre and say, ‘I want to get that exact same experience, how do I get it?’ Well, by booking a flight with Finnair and flying to Finland.

“As this is planned to be an ultra-wide release in China, it gives us a fantastic opportunity. The whole film displays the wonderful magic of the north: Helsinki, Lapland and Finnair, who can take you there.”

I Remember theatrical poster

Finnair is the main carrier between China and Finland. Cinema-goers will get a glimpse of Finnair’s cabin, a plane taxiing ahead of take off at Helsinki and a magical view of the Northern Lights over Lapland as the main character begins her journey home.

At a time when travel has been limited, Rintala says that I Remember is the ideal way to show off all that is great about Finland.

I Remember cast sightseeing in Finland

“At Finnair, we’ve been discussing that what Finland has, and has always had, are the kind of qualities that we believe after the crisis will be even more sought after,” she says. “The lovely nature, the fresh air, no major population density, the room to roam. And that’s if you just come to Helsinki, let alone Lapland.

It’s not just about bringing visitors to Lapland in the traditional winter season, either. Rintala hopes that the work done by Finnair, CMC Productions and other partners on I Remember including Helsinki Marketing, Visit Finland and Business Finland will help boost tourism to the region and beyond all year round.

I Remember - Behind The Scenes

“Lapland is wonderful and well known around the world for its winter, the snow and Northern Lights. But fewer people know about how wonderful it is in the summer as well, the nightless nights and all that it has to offer. So we really do hope that a more year-round approach to how attractive Lapland is something this film might boost.”

For those that do go and see I Remember, there’s also the exciting opportunity to win the same amazing trip taken by Angelababy. A grand prize raffle will see eight pairs of business class tickets and accommodation in a top Helsinki hotel given away.

“You can win the trip of your dreams,” says Rintala.

“We are eager to see what this brings,” she adds. “This is something we haven’t done before and we’re keen to see the results.”

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