On a multi-city holiday

Explore more of Europe in one trip

Did you know that you can fly Finnair to one European destination and then return from another? What’s more, you do not have to pay any extra compared to our regular return fares!

For example, you can book flights from Singapore to Madrid, explore the region according to your own schedule and fly back from beautiful Paris* – you could even stopover in Helsinki for a few days on your way home if you wish.

To book your flights, just use the Multiple destinations option in our booking engine. For the best Multi-city booking experience, please use a desktop device.

Get ready for the holiday of your dreams and explore more of Europe in one trip with Finnair!

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Why fly Finnair?

Established in 1923, Finnair is one of the oldest and most reliable airlines in the world.

Finnair flies the geographically shorter northern route to over 100 destinations in Europe.

All Finnair flights are operated via compact and transfer-friendly Helsinki Airport.

  • Terms and conditions

    * Please note that travel between destinations in Europe (for example between Madrid and Paris) cannot be booked via Finnair.

    Bookings with multiple destinations are limited to 4 origin–destination city pairs (for example, Singapore–Madrid, Madrid–Barcelona, Barcelona–Helsinki, Helsinki–Singapore).

    Due to limitation in our booking engine, one origin–destination city pair can include a maximum of 3 flight segments (for example, Singapore–Paris can include segments Singapore–Helsinki, Helsinki–Madrid and Madrid–Paris). Thus, for example a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Marseille cannot be booked through our booking engine as one city pair, because it includes four flight segments (Kuala Lumpur–Singapore, Singapore–Helsinki, Helsinki–Paris and Paris–Marseille).