East and
side story

Thanks to Helsinki’s northern location, it is the perfect connecting point between the East and the West, an ideal place for meaningful encounters. Finnair enables meaningful connections by flying the short northern route via Helsinki.

East and west side story

To celebrate Helsinki’s role as a connecting point between the East and the West, Finnair and Helsinki Airport created a short film about an American author and a Korean photographer, who experience a meaningful encounter in Helsinki.

When You Travel, Meaningful Encounters Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

Sara Vanninen is the voice behind the Tickle Your Fancy Blog, Thomas Falkenstedt is a fashion editor at Candid Magazine and Sophie Willocq is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. We wanted to know what inspires them, so we brought them together in Helsinki.

Chef and editor Pipsa Hurmerinta and travel and food writers Chocolate Mui Mui and Kit Graham sat down on a sunny Helsinki day to talk about how food brings cultures together and make us try new things.

East and west side story creators

Born in France
Lives in Korea

Wookie, director

One of my favorite cities in the world is Berlin, where I love to eat, drink, and chill at the Café Hardenberg near the Technical University. Obviously being a university hangout, the place is full of energy and the service is great.

Born in Sweden
Lives in Göteborg

Johan, director

The thing I liked best about Finland was the calmness and the people. My favourite place in the world is our cabin by a lake about 3 hours from Stockholm. It’s very similar to the one in the film and when I’m there, I really love just being able to breathe freely.

Born in Seoul
Lives in Seoul

Jeong Jae Hoon, actor

New York, with its art museums and delicious food, is my favourite city. The last time I was there, I visited the Gugggenheim Museum, which was a great experience. I plan to keep on traveling the world to see new places, eat great food and have new adventures.

Grew up in California
Lives in Los Angeles

Anne, actress

My tip for anyone visiting LA is be patient with traffic, enjoy as much Mexican food as you can, and paddle out into the Pacific. My favorite city in the world is Nice, France. When I’m there, I love to go shopping and just enjoy the Mediterranean weather and rocky beaches.

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