This service is currently unavailable. To request your receipt, please contact our Customer care.

Printing your e-ticket receipt with VAT information

To print your e-ticket with VAT information, fill in your family name, booking reference or e-ticket number, as well as the VAT number, name of the company and company address. You can request also a receipt from a travel that has been over a week ago, and if you don’t need the receipt to have the company name, you can fill in your own details. If there are any travel extras bought in the same reservation, you will receive the receipts for those at the same time. Receipts for travel extras only are not available.

The receipt can be found if your reservation is ticketed and has a Finnair ticket number (starting with 105-). The receipt is available two days after the ticket has been issued.

The receipt will not be available if your ticket is refunded, or you have made changes and your ticket is reissued. Please note that if the flight ticket is partly paid with Finnair Plus points or a gift voucher, or if a promo code is used, the amount of points, gift voucher or promo code will not be shown on the receipt. Some other issues, like discrepancy in the booking, may affect the data delivery. In all unclear cases, please contact customer service by chat on the page or calling.


e.g: 1055678912345