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Fast Allegro trains between Helsinki Central Railway Station (HEC) and Finlyandsky Railway Station (FVS) in St. Petersburg operated by Finnish Railways (VR) and Russian Railways (RZD) have been added to the Finnair network. AY code has been placed on two trains per day in each direction. AY code trains can be sold through any GDS as any other Finnair flight in connection to a Finnair international flight.

Making the reservation

  • The train can be sold as part of international routing (no local traffic or traffic from domestic Finnish destinations)
  • Minimum connecting time 2 h 45 min
  • Booking can be made 15–360 days before departure
  • Seats are booked from GDS availability
  • Information of the train service available when the segment is booked and in flight information (DO)
  • Train segment is issued as part of the e-ticket with AY flight number for the train
  • Mandatory seating
  • Mandatory APIS
  • No special meals
  • Following SSRs possible: INFT, CHLD, BLND, SVAN, WCBD, WCBW, WCBL, WCHC, WCHR, WCHS/WCMP allowed. No other SSRs will be confirmed.


Since the seating in Amadeus is made according to a "flight-seating" mode, the customer will see a pseudo seating number in the reservation itinerary and e-ticket itinerary. In the PNR on the SSR lines you will see correct seating. The coach number is always 2. Please inform the passenger the corresponding actual seat number onboard the train and insert it in the PNR on RIR and/or RIZ

Cryptic entry for Amadeus:

Allegro seat map

Your booking includes a seat reservation on the train. All seats are in car 2. The seat number in your booking confirmation converts to your actual train seat number as follows:

Finnair Allegro seat map

The highlighted seats are reserved for Finnair passengers.

Seat number in your booking confirmation Seat in train
5C 22
5D 21
6C 24
6D 23
7A 25
7B 26
7C 28
7D 27
8A 29
8B 30
Seat number in your booking confirmation Seat in train
8C 32
8D 31
9A 33
9B 34
9C 36
9D 35
10A 37
10B 38
10C 40
10D 39

Prepaid seating for the flights is according to normal processes.


In St. Petersburg the check-in is done at the railway station. After passenger has shown the passport to the clerk he/she will be allowed to move to the platform area and coach number 2.

In Helsinki passengers can go directly to the train and coach number 2.

Passport will act as the ticket for the conductor.

All necessary travel documents will be checked by both Finnish and Russian immigration officials before crossing the border and after crossing the border.

Baggage is tagged to or from Helsinki. Passenger shall collect the baggage and transport it between the airport and railway station v.v.

Passenger is responsible of transportation and transportation cost between airport and railway station v.v.


Q: Which booking classes and fares are available?
A: Fares are filed in connection with the following booking classes: I, Y, M, L, S and N.

Q: How do I recognize which fares are available for the train+flight itinerary?
A: In the fare basis you will see the letter combinations TR or TRN.

Q: Is there a Business Class available on the train?
A: Not with Finnair fares. If you book a fare in I class, you book I on the flight, but then you must book Y on the train.

Q: Why must I give APIS information for the train, since it is not required on flights to/from Russia?
A: This is mandatory requirement from the Russian authorities.

Q: How do customers pay for additional baggage?
A: On the train customers can have as much baggage as they can carry. For the flights, according to normal processes.

Q: Name change is not possible. What if I learn that a name correction needs to be done?
A: If there are 15 days or more to the departure: as you would do with any AY-ticket. If there are less than 15 days to the departure: contact Finnair Help Desk

Q: Can I do online check-in for the train?
A: No, only for the flight segments. For the train check-in is done at the railway station.

Q: What transportation is available between Helsinki Railway Station and Helsinki Airport?
A: Taxi, Finnair City Bus, local bus; all of which are available at the railway station and at the airport (summer 2015 also local train). Transportation is at the customer's own expense.

Q: What if there is an irregularity situation; the train is delayed or cancelled etc.?
A: Finnair will evaluate the situation and seek to find the best solution for the customer. This is why it is important to have the customer's contact details in the PNR, both cell phone number and e-mail address.

Q: Can I request a wheelchair-service for the customer; SR WCHR NOT OWN?
A: No, since the train does not have own wheelchairs.

Q: Is there any service included between airport and railway station for passengers travelling with own wheelchair?
A: No, the passenger should take care of the transport him/herself.

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