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Entry requirements to South Korea

The South Korean authorities have introduced requirements for customers arriving in the country.

Please note that the entry restrictions may be subject to change on short notice. You are responsible for ensuring that you are allowed entry into the country, or are in transit through.

  • The South Korean authorities requires several foreign travellers, including Finnish nationals, who were  previously visa-exempt to obtain a visa to enter the country (excluding APEC Business Travel Card-holders).
  • If you have an E-9 visa, you are required to present a completed Confirmation of Self-quarantine form upon arrival (the form can be obtained on arrival). 
  • If you have a visa in an expired passport, you are required to present a printed Visa Grant Notice, the expired passport and the new passport to the immigration on arrival. 
  • If you are travelling via South Korea to a third country, you are required to have a confirmed onward flight within 24 hours, remain in the airport transit area and also fulfill the requirements of your final destination. 
  • You are required to have a negative coronavirus PCR-test result, taken earliest 72 hours prior to departure. 
    • If you are a Korean national, the requirement does not apply to you until 24 February 2021, unless you have started your journey from the UK or South Africa. Until 24 February 2021, if you arrive without a negative coronavirus PCR-test result, you are required to stay 14 days in quarantine at a government designated facility at your own expense (this alternative applies only to Korean nationals).
    • From 24 February 2021, the negative coronavirus PCR-test requirement before travel applies also to Korean nationals. 
    • The requirement does not apply to children under the age of 5. 
    • The requirement does not apply to you, if you are transiting via South Korea to a third country provided you remain in the international transit area of the airport (please note if the destination country requires a test result, you are required to have one). 
    • The coronavirus PCR-test certificate must be in paper format (screenshots are not accepted). 
    • The coronavirus PCR test certificate must be in English or Korean. If it is in the local language of the country where it was issued (e.g. in Finnish), you are required to have an official translation to English or Korean of the document together with the original document.
  • Temperature screening will be performed at the departure gate in Helsinki for customers travelling to Korea. If you do not fulfill the health requirements set by the Korean health authorities or if you show any symptoms of the coronavirus, you will be denied boarding.
  • On arrival you will be tested for fever and respiratory symptoms at the entry health screening. 
  • On arrival, you will be required to take a coronavirus PCR-test and to quarantine for 14 days: 
    • As a visitor to Korea, you are required to serve the 14-day quarantine at a government designated facility at your own expense 
    • As a national or resident of Korea, or a family member of a national or resident, you can stay 14 days in self-isolation at your place of residence, provided you download a “Self-Quarantine Safety Protection App" for daily monitoring and reporting. 
    • If you have an Exemption Certificate issued prior to travel by a Korean Embassy or Consulate, you are exempted from the 14 days quarantine but you are required to be tested on arrival and stay in a designated quarantine facility until a negative test result is obtained (normally within 1-2 days). 
  • On arrival, you are required to download a Self-Diagnosis Mobile App. 

You can find the latest entry restrictions via local authorities’ website and appropriate consulate or embassy. 

Check your options here, if your travel plans change due to the travel restrictions. 

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