Medical Oxygen

In case in-flight oxygen is required, it may only be arranged through the medical assistance groups approved by Finnair (currently EMA Group Ltd, SOS Intl in Copenhagen and Medflight Finland.)

The medical assistance groups arrange the service for the passengers who require extra oxygen onboard. These passengers are always escorted by a nurse/doctor from the medical group during flights.

A minimum of 48 hours advance notice is required. To determine the need of oxygen, the Finnair Aeromedical Services (Ema Group Ltd) shall be contacted. The reservations office should also advise attending physicians to contact them.

NOTE: For safety reasons, consumption of oxygen from a first aid oxygen bottle on board is not permitted during take-off and landing unless the bottle is installed and secured with the approval of the airworthiness authorities.

Price of oxygen depends on the duration of the flight:

1 – 4 hrs flight: €250

more than 4 hrs: €300

one or more AY flights, max. €300

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