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Payment methods and credit card fees

Via our easy-to-use online booking service, you can securely purchase flights, products and services with a variety of payment methods available for your country.

If you cannot make your booking online, please contact our Customer Care. We are here for you.

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Customer authentication for secure payments

We are gradually using secure, two-step authentication in our purchase channels to ensure the safest possible credit and debit card payments for all. 

When paying for your purchases in our online channels, besides your card details, you may be asked for additional identity verification. The verification service also reliably authenticates the merchant, so you can make online purchases with peace of mind.

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Credit card fees

We collect additional fees from certain credit card payments to cover handling costs.

Credit card fees apply to the sales of flight tickets and the fees vary according to the card's type, scheme and country of issue, and the trip's origin of travel.

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