Europe Light Fare Brand

The Europe Light fare brand is designed for travellers with carry-on baggage only offering the lowest price. The fares are available for passengers travelling within Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and the Middle East on flights operated and marketed by Finnair or Norra.

To ensure that our customers are properly informed about the baggage allowance when Europe Light ticket has been offered, the fares are distributed as private fares under a pricing code (account code) for all eligible distributors*.

More detailed information about the European Light fare brand can be found here.

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*Eligible distributors must inform Finnair’s ticket rules and conditions including baggage allowance to their customers responsibly.

Finnair Booking & Ticketing Policy

To ensure availability for our valued travel agent partners and to reduce unnecessary distribution costs, Finnair Booking and Ticketing Policy was introduced in 2009. All transactions are monitored to detect booking and ticketing abuses. The intention is to enable smooth co-operation with agents and encourage better booking practices.

Read the latest version of Finnair Booking & Ticketing Policy