Europe Light Fare User Guide for Travel Agents

Europe Light is the most economical ticket type for passengers travelling with hand baggage only. The fare brand is available for travel within Europe and to/from Middle East, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on Finnair and Norra operated flights.

The Basic, Value, Pro and Business ticket types have checked baggage included in the offering.

Finnair Plus Top tiers (Platinum, Gold, Silver) and oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members are entitled to a check-in baggage also when booking Europe Light fare brand.


Service feature Customer benefit LIGHT BASIC VALUE PRO BUSINESS
Ticket Changable Excl Excl For a Fee Incl Incl
Refundable Excl Excl For a Fee Incl Incl
Name change Excl Excl For a fee For a fee For a fee
Seating Advance seat reservation For a fee For a fee For a fee Incl Incl
Baggage Carry-on baggage 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc 2 pc
Checked baggage 0 pc 1 pc 1 pc 2 pc 2 pc
Airport Priority baggage Excl Excl Excl Incl Incl
Priority check-in Excl Excl Excl Incl Incl
Priority security* Excl Excl Excl Incl Incl
Priority boarding Excl Excl Excl Incl Incl
Lounge access Excl Excl Excl Excl Incl
Meals Complementary meal / snack Excl Excl Excl Excl Business meal
Finnair Plus Finnair plus point accrual 50% 50% 100% 150% 200%

Technical fare filing setup

  • Hand baggage only fare with a zero-piece allowance
  • Valid within and between Europe and Middle East, Russia, Belarus and Kazahstan on routes operated and marketed by Finnair and Norra
  • The fares in Europe Light fare family includes “LI” in the farebasis (e.g. RLI2SE, W0LIFI01)
  • Due to customer protection Europe Light fare brand is filed as private under the same pricing (corporate/account) code HBO01 for all distributors.

Requirements & recommendations

  • Baggage disclaimer must be shown in booking flow prior to ticketing
  • It is recommended to add in ITR "the checked baggage is not included in the fare"
  • Text "NO BAG INCL" is displayed in the endorsement box automatically
  • Ancillary Services sales capability
  • Value upsell feature

Fare and pricing (corporate/account) code

Europe Light and Basic fare types are similar in terms of fare rules, but for the Light fare the checked baggage allowance is zero.

The difference between Light and Value is not only the baggage allowance, but also changes & refunds conditions.

To ensure that all of Finnair’s customers are informed about the checked baggage allowance the Europe Light is filed as a private fare under the same pricing (corporate/ account) code HBO01 for all distributors.

Pricing code

On all GDSs fares will be filed under pricing code (account code) HBO01.
Recommended pricing entry to Europe Light fares in various GDSs:

  • AMADEUS - FXA/R,U*HBO01,P or FXA/R,U0176212,P;
  • GALILEO - FD MILHEL21DEC/AY-PRI-HBO01:P // FN*line number

Contact your local GDS representative for the pricing entry in other GDSs


Your local Finnair Travel Agent Info (user id and password for Finnair EASY is AGFINNAIR01) or local Amadeus Helpdesk (help concerning Amadeus functionality).