Cabin baggage for passenger (CBBG)

You may book additional seat when passenger is requesting an instrument or special item to be transported in the cabin.

Two tickets will be issued.

The same airfare will be charged for the additional seat as for the passenger itself . Only published fares without discount may be applied. YR and YQ surcharges need to be collected on CBBG ticket. Also Value added tax (vat) must be added to Finnish domestic fare. Other taxes may be ignored.

  • Before departure: Ticket for the cabin baggage has the same fare as for the passenger. YR surcharge needs to be collected for both tickets. If the cabin baggage is only for the return flight two round trip tickets need to be issued.
  • After departure: A published one way Y-class fare needs to be issued for the cabin baggage

All the dimensions and weight of the instrument or item must be obtained before making the reservation and then they are added to the reservation at the same time. Maximum weight of the cabin baggage is 75kgs.

The instrument or item is tied firmly to the seat and they must be transported in container or a bag to avoid damage.

Window or the middle seat will be booked for the passenger. Due to security reasons aisle or exit seat may not be used.

Note: Passengers travelling only with CBBG are allowed to take 1 extra piece of CBBG on AY flights. Change baggage allowance in the passenger's TST before issuing the ticket.

The advance seat selection is free of charge if there is SSR CBBG in the reservation.


Cabin baggage reservation procedure

1. Book two seats during the same entry

2. Add name element as follows;


3. Add SSR-element with dimensions in order length x width x height and weight


4. Price the passenger normally and then make manual TST for the CBBG. Remember to add YR and/or YQ taxes.

TTI/P2/BPFLEX-CB/A00K/FEUR1395.00/XEUR26.00YR/CHEL AY STO329.23NUC329.23END ROE5.796111

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